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Bernie Media Madoff: The love affair with the ‘monster from birth’ shows no sign of abating.


bernie_madoff_newyork1The fun things that the press can never get enough of saying…

So Bernie has finally been served justice, taken his beating and eternally condemned to jail, guilt and shame – but you think that’s enough? The NY Post has decided to give our token monster of the year (nice to have token monsters lying around isn’t it?) another hearty swift kick up the backside (ironically this time last year they were kissing his butt…) by exposing every fart and whatever Bernie has taken in his life.

Sure to be a blockbuster the new book being peddled by Jerry Openheimer “Madoff with the money” is exposing fun tid bits such as when Bernie was wearing 2 rolexes on the same wrist or the time he had to pay hush money to keep a sexual escapade locked away.

In any event, we don’t particularly care for Bernie and like most of you think he’s beyond contempt, but is making fun and now profiting from a misbegotten individual really going to make you feel better and bring back the money the man stole from you?

The myths and monsters we like to invent when the pain is unbearable…

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