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Ruth Madoff: The Loneliest Socialite in New York.


ruth-madoffWhy all villains can not all be resurrected even if it happens in the movies…

We read with intrigue in this weekend’s NYT”s lamentation on fallen socialite and pariah –Ruth Madoff. The Times goes into an expose why Ruth is no longer wanted at once favorite (uppity) restaurants and hair salons (apparently the owners fear rebuke from the many clients who also happened to get swindled from Ruth’s husband).

It then goes on to wonder what would happen if Ruth showed some willingness of contrition, pity and a willingness to change. What offends us is why would anyone care if the crook suddenly showed contrition? They still stole from you and had the audacity to live lavishly while you got buried. We’re also curious as to why the general tone seeking curry and rehabilitation of a supposed fallen star. Are we suppose to give her and her clan a second chance because they were once socialites? What about people who go to jail for much lesser crimes – do we see the New York Times remarking how they are now being invited to bbq’s on the stoop.

We say let RUTH simmer, and once in a while not every villain can be resurrected as much as we wish it and believe in redemption

At least Ruth knows this and hence that’s why she doesn’t bother to say anything, but boy she nearly got away with mailing that fifteen million dollar necklace after the estate was subpoenaed…

The Loneliest Woman in New York

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