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Tabloids Don’t Talk, They Swear. Gen Art’s Fundraiser SINGS.


Other celebrities wander freely. It is announced that Zac Posen just left with a newly bought art piece under his arm and that the remaining guests should ‘follow his lead.’ Miss USA Kristen Dalton peruses as does Laura Breckenridge (Gossip Girl), Dave Lieberman, Derek Warburton (celebrity stylist), Alex Mccord and Simon McCord(Real Housewives of NYC), Tracie Thomas (Cold Case), Ralph Maccio (Ugly Betty), Anya Rozova (ANTM), Victoria Bartlett (fashion designer) and many others who have come to suppport Gen Art by signing up for silent auctions, bidding on custom made fur coats and cowboy boots, and simply contributing to the growing consideration of Gen Art’s cause. Tonight, Manhattan is making a difference by publicizing the good things celebrities do, instead of exploiting their human but nonetheless controversial mistakes. Tonight, Gen Art says, someone you admire is supporting us and so you should, too.

gen-art65In the wacky space which exhibits everything from an artfully designed poster of The Heartbreakers to a mixed media print of Steve McQueen to a painting of Robert DeNiro and more brilliance to boot, the crowd mingles freely. Yes, the hullabaloo buzz of fame hovers, but still the event emphasizes its young artists as the true guests of honor – a fact even the veteran celebs respect. They not only respect it, they encourage it.

Another Wednesday night in the factory of Manhattan and Gen Art’s decadent, wild, reverent event manages to remind us that a lot of celebrities are simply artists with great integrity, who worked hard and got famous. And that they’re in it for real and for the long run. And most importantly, that they’re fighting alongside Gen Art to make this kind of success a possibility for every new soul that so deserves it.

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