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Semi Precious Weapons- ‘Bite Down.’



His set finished, the glam mélange still wafting inside your mind and the tread marks of his bassist and lead guitarist yet to be soaked up he now casts a heartfelt bow and thanks you profusely before bowing a kiss to you.

Waiting for the boys and girls (and we do mean the boys and girls) to extract themselves from him I then make a quick b line to the ‘star’ of the show, or perhaps the ‘star’ of his own show…

SCV: Amazing, tell me what’s the core influence?

JT: Beautiful, distressed, glamorous women.

SCV: When did you know you wanted to be on stage?

JT: Since I was born.

SCV: What’s your music about?

JT: Beauty, glamour, disaster. Everything.

Color Photos by Sameeh Alderazi. Brendan Sullivan to the left,resident Dj.

Suddenly the camera comes whizzing past us and like the trained auteur the indie spirited Justin Tranter is he glares into the camera, past the camera and into the beautiful gorgeous disaster that you are…

Other band members include- Cole Whittle, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne.

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