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Perez Hilton: What happens to a ‘bitch’ when he acts like a ‘bitch.’


perezAre there some things, journalists, and even bloggers should be mindful of? When payback comes…

For years Bitch Perez Hilton has been lambasting us with fairy tales about his life and those of celebrities and fortunately for him, most of you brought into his crap and have made him quite wealthy. That said, this weekend the ‘bitch,’ (and we do mean ‘bitch!’) finally got what he deserved when he went out of his way to defame Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am as a fag, and ended up having the ‘shit kicked out of him,’ by an outraged fan. Some things one should keep to themselves, after all we don’t condone the fan’s actions, but a high profile figure such as Perez who is in the money for exploiting celebrities should once in a while watch the lines they dare to cross.


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  • Garnett Alcindor

    i agree, he’s such a bitch! its about time!

  • Garnett Alcindor

    yes! i love this!! i agree i agree i agree!! it’s about time someone kicked his ass.. enough is enough! he is and was totally out of line!

  • john cartman

    are you condoning violence and slurs against homosexuals? nice