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Nancy La Scala, based on a true story.


SCV: So?

Nancy: I came back to NY, and just immersed myself in becoming a full time actress, started studying with Freddie Karanen over at Carnegie Hall, and eventually moved to Los Angeles.

SCV: Who else have you had the fortune of working with?

Nancy: I got to work with Jane Campion, who made ‘In the Cut,’ with Meg Ryan.

SCV: If you could work for anyone who would it be?

Nancy: I really loved Marc Forster’s, ‘Monster Ball.’


SCV: It seems you have an affinity for psychological drama roles?

Nancy: Yes, but I also love comedy as well. I would love to work with Tony and Ridley Scott.

SCV: So what happens now?

Nancy: Well Amir is trying to secure a distribution and a sale of the film.

SCV: After all the festival is the place to do it.

Nancy: From here I’ll be filming a new commercial, and from there I go back to LA where I’ll be involved in putting a play series combing some of the wonderful poetry I’ve been hearing from some very young poets.

SCV: Where did you grow up?

Nancy: Upstate New York on a milk farm. I think that’s what I liked about making Vegas. I could relate to all these people. The real lives all these people have, after all the milk just never just shows up on the table. There’s a story how it got there.

SCV: And how did you get here?

Nancy: Guts, conviction, a great network of support of some great girlfriends over the last 15 years and the desire to be out there.

SCV: Ultimately, what does it take to succeed in this business?

Nancy: Luck, hard work, perseverance and a go getter attitude. Someone is bound to notice and will want to work with you.

SCV: They just did.

Nancy: Yes, I’m grateful, we all want to continue doing the good work.

SCV: We’re betting that you’re going to be doing a lot more good work going forward.

Nancy: Yes, I like to think so too.