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Hey, what’s all my money worth if I can’t show off to you that I’m rich.


liz_peekTime to feel sorry for some rich bitch again….oh well, here we go again.

Have you noticed lately an unrelenting mourning dedicated exclusively to those of the super rich. Surely you have heard of the stories, New York Times telling us how the Palm Beach set can no longer afford $2000 trousers, or how bankers in NY are being suddenly forced to only live off $500 000 a year ( I know we were incredibly distressed as well) but now comes a new tale of how Liz Peek, bitch wife of financier of Jeff Peek of CIT finance group has been made very unhappy about the amount of public scrutiny given to people like her and her husband – as revealed in a leaked article she wrote for Portfolio. Whether it occurred to her that the public has every vested interest to see how their money has been invested (to bail out financial gamblers- heads- I win, tails- you pick up the check) it has recently annoyed her to no end that she can no longer go out and flaunt her wealth and is now forced to dress like a commoner (the pain we can taste from here).

Of course there is a silver lining to this story, now that we all know that Liz is in fact super rich she can no now go out in full confidence and re flaunt her wealth as there is now nothing to hide.


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