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Fixx samples the crowd and the clothes at Eco Vert Fashion Show


Photo by Lee Wells.

Pushing through the barrel-chested, protein shake consuming, nine to five, wall street finance puppies to get to an open bar is never fun.  Delta Iota Kappa heads covered in gel, pomade, and perfume could be heard using bro-speak with all the fervor of the farm animals that they emulate.

“Hey bro, you broin it up this weekend?”

“Hell yeah bro! It’s gonna be bro-tally awesome!”

“Wanna be a bro a bro me a drink?”

Their female consorts, the ex-high school sluts, the ex-college sluts, the current office sluts stand by with overly whitened teeth, overly tanned skin, overly painted faces using their mating call that places the word “like” in between every other word.  It’s usually a one girl to three guy ratio when it comes to this crowd.  You know the crowd.  It’s the New York Rent-A-Crowd.  They have absolutely nothing to do with whatever the event is for and yet everything to do with it as filler.  Standing next to a small group of them, three men conversing about finances and one woman whose smile is so large that you can tell she has no idea what the hell they are talking about, Tim approaches me and asks if I’m going to interview them.  Giving them the once over, they halt their conversation and take into account that I’m carrying a notebook, Tim is carrying a camera, and impassively I reply, “No.”


Welcome to Ultra Lounge and the Vivons Vert Eco-Fashion Show where I can’t seem to meet anyone who has something to do with the event at all.  First up we have Ngone.  Ngone is one of the 6 black girls in the bar tonight.

“Where are you from Ngone?”


“Oooh, magafi!”


“So what brings you here tonight?”

“Oh it’s my friends line.”

“Really?  Which one?”

“I mean, well, it’s a friend of a friend of a friend.”

“Uh huh…What do you do here exactly?”

“I’m a teacher.”

“And what do you teach?”


“I see.  They speak a very different French is West Africa, isn’t that right?”

In a very African accent she replies, “Well I was only born in Senegal, I grew up in France.”

Of course she did.  God forbid she admit to growing up with the lions and giraffes.  On to our next contestant…