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Alexandra Alexis: ‘May Cause Shortness of Breath.’ High Tea at Lady Mendl’s.

Photography by Lauren Colchamiro.

Pop star, icon, socialite, girl about town, fab persona, princess, or just spoiled glamour girl? All of the above, some of the above or just beyond it all? We sat down for high tea at our preferred Lady Mendl’s and got to the heart of it.

It’s approximately three o clock on a Monday afternoon and even before I have arrived for mid afternoon tea at Lady Mendl’s over at Grammercy Park, the impending girl of the moment Alexandra Alexis is sitting in the far corner marveling at the scene befalling in front of her- the silver ware, the plush chairs, the porcelain tea cups, the scent of ginger and honey wax burning. Almost caught off guard, she leaps into my arms and gives me one of those long luscious looks that would send most people to heaven.

For those uninitiated, Alexandra Alexis is one of those girls on the cusp of super stardom, and as much as one can say that, there are others, detractors or petty society who would deem this girl just too ‘faux,’ and a ‘wanna be.’ After reading about her latest castigation at the behest of the king of slander and petty grievances –‘Gawker,’ (her and best new pal-Adrien Field) Scallywag and co were inspired to find out what was really going on. A constant fixture on the party circuit, certainly by design, but a talent to reckon with? Let’s find out?


SCV: According to the doyen of society in 1926, actress and socialite –Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolf) best described by the New York Times as one of the most wonderful women in NY social life was asked what her secret was. She replied – “…never complain, and never explain.” That said, what’s your secret?

AA: You know that’s an interesting use of the word- ‘society.’ I almost feel the type of society of back then doesn’t necessarily apply today. If I have to say, I don’t perceive myself as ‘society.’

SCV: Yes, but you are constantly being featured in society journals and at social soirees.

AA: It’s strictly work. Self promotion. Getting in front of people who might take an interest in your career, can affect possibilities, people who have similar aspirations and work goals.

SCV: So you allude that society is no longer necessarily the same as it once was?

AA: What’s important for me is to be recognized for my talent, my abilities, to write songs that will move you, to sing, to amaze you. And that all takes time, work, commitment and sincerity of intent. The thing with society today, you get identified for things that really don’t matter. It’s an identity that media, a certain collective want to associate with you, whether it’s true or not.

Gawker responds to Scallywag.



  1. Hello???! This person is a total unknown in Finland. She has once had her picture published in a gossip rag for having been at some F-list party witn some F-list “celebrity” who became “famous” from some F-list reality show called “Popstars”, called Kana (in English: “Hen”!).

    Nobody knows about this Alexandra person. She’s never published music in Finland. The way she is trying to come off as an already established superstar in Finland and some future nternational mega celebrity is such a tragic, though hilarious, joke. This is obviously a person who has totally lost touch with reality. Although, I seriously doubt even she, herself, is that illusioned about what she is. Just trying to put on a show, most likely.

    She could very well be this nice, positive, exciting person in real life (what do I know. I don’t know her personally), but please, Alexandra, stop making a complete idiot of yourself. Get real.

  2. You know,I think she’s just being honest,I don’t know alexandra that well..but she comes off as a smart,together gal who knows where she’s going in life,what’s so wrong about that?I think its great that someone has a passion that drives them,I’m still trying to find myself..

  3. Alexandra frequents many of our events,she is always polite,always pulled together and a wonderful example of what a young budding star should be!

  4. hi !

    As a ” big sister ” of Alexandra for many years in Finland ( she was my flatmate and used to co-ordinate fashion showsfor me in discos at the age of 16 ) I want to share that she is one of the most inspiring , positive , contagiously happy and spiritual people I know .

    Go , Alsie !!!!!


  5. It’s so odd, she sounds like she thinks she’s already famous. I’ve never heard of her before reading this linked from gawker. Honey, live your life — have a drink, hold hands. At this point NOBODY CARES!

  6. “i know Alexandra personally”. Ha, fucking loser you are. I’m glad you know her “personally”, you are SO lucky.

  7. I think the idea of high society being more closely related to low society is instinctively true, carnally true. When polarities like this are distinguished it makes for good writing, in the immediate ways. I think your paper understands itself, and resides in itself for that reason. Without acknowleding “morals” (I remember often telling ppl I did’nt believe in such a thing when I was in the city as a student: it allows people to be as they are, in their own skin, and reveal themselves to you. More importantly, your free to go about your own conversations with the outside world.), I can’t tell whether you’re eqauting most everyone, and or mocking them, and if humility is the confronting nature of it, where humor is the passifyer. Either way: it allows the writing, and issues, and the personal nature of it, a kind of mobility; one that is still fully assured of itself. It rides the fence, and so takes allowances with itself. It’s pillow talk, accesible, marketable, in the way it’s interesting bc of this? It’s also in continual states of provoking the world around it.

  8. I know Alexandria personally, she’s an amazing woman. Very sweet, nice, and a great role model. Good luck with the music and great article. Nice vagabond found someone worthy to write about.

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