Home Nightlife What happened to Hamish? HARD/SOFT opens at the National Arts Club.

What happened to Hamish? HARD/SOFT opens at the National Arts Club.



And who could miss E.V. Day’s commanding pink panty sculpture? Suspended from the gallery’s ceiling, the resin-covered lingerie’s sharply sexualized form cradled a delicate blown glass egg, contrasting a sense of seduction with a reminder of the maternal.

Each piece was strong; there was not one work that didn’t make a stand. But after taking it all in, I was a touch overwhelmed. The power from one work detracted from that of the others to the point where the dialogue between the pieces was lost within a visual and conceptual power struggle. And the cartoonish photo of a horned Vivienne Westwood plastered in the front of the room was distracting, to say the least.

_mg_9071But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, everybody enjoyed the party. After busting a move to the gothic melodies of Atarah Valentine, a zealous Murry Hill, (a.k.a. Mr. Showbiz) can be quoted as saying, “The Show? I LOVED it! I haven’t seen it, but I LOVED it!” His accomplice, burlesque bombshell Angie Pontoni smiled in agreement. (Note: Murry later did see the show and still “LOVED IT!”)


The bar was open. The infamous Andrews pleased all with their DJ set. And after an evening of aggressive dancing, tantalizing conversation and a who knows how many bottles of wine, each member of the art-tastic crowd left with a smile on his face. So did Hamish miss out? We’d have to say so.




  1. But Amish, OH AMISH! How could you? You are one of my idols! The place would have embraced that splash of color you add… nobility, chicness. But then again, we shall not judge.
    A case of involuntary bowel movement and we are all judging one leaves due to lack of patience or mistake it for a DIVATACK.

  2. Sorry we missed this National Arts do – Seems like it was great fun. They are really not as stodgy as one would assume.

    Love Diane Bernhardt’s new hair do – quite a chmge for Madame B – certainly not the look she sports when hosting tributes to such fashion icons as Geoffrey Beene or Carolina Herrera but then Diane is a fun girl.

    In the interest of transparency and full disclosure is artist Katherine Bernhardt Madame B’s progeny? Just curious – not that we care. We believe in Nepotism and are only sorry that our daddy was a Wall Street macher and not someone like Brad Pitt.

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