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Global Nomads Dance for Freedom.


Listening to horror stories of girls as young as ten being sold for one hundred dollars for domestic duties and an added fifty dollar premium for ‘partner services’ in ad infinitum. Of course what really knocked us out was how the asking price can be knocked down to fifty bucks if one is inclined to do some bartering. This in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Perusing Jennifer  Macfarlane’s work earlier I was introduced to Michael Angelo- beautician and hairstylist who affected by Jen’s work had gone to Cambodia to visit the girls documented by her work.

Compelled in the art of rehabilitation of these girls Michael assists in training them to pursue careers in beauty.

What did strike me as callous was the notion when asked why the authorities allow the systematic abduction and coerced rape of these girls I was told by Michael the same people committing the crimes are the ones often entrusted in securing their passage, health, legal rights, and supposed protection.

Yet here he was, vibrant and determined to affect awareness and change and to force a dialogue.


In effect it was all about dialogue, until John Amira got on his drums and started beating them into a soulful submission. Of course part of me was wishing he was beating certain perpetrators into submission, yet really the incongruities of humanity can never be fully dealt with, but understood.

After all it takes a brave world to force change, but ultimately it takes a braver soul to affect his own change. A wonderful and redemptive evening…

Anyone inclined to make a donation to affect awareness and rehabilitation should reach out to the Somaly Mam foundation. That or go away during the summer and teach children where once disarray and disregard reigned compassion and provocation also held collective sway.




  1. Well put ” Global Nomads Dance for Freedom” S& V team; You must have that boogie to survive in life. I will survive.

    Ghurron Briscoe

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