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Trophy Wives. Why They Exist and How You Can Become One Too.


Donna Spangler: In life if you have a partner and you’re not particularly feeling well, my other half knows that I haven’t been feeling well, so it wouldn’t be in his best interest to try to procure sex from me. But if you’re both feeling decently and not sick then it’s good to keep the sex life going. Sometimes you don’t feel like having sex but you can get yourself in the mood. There are times when you need to go the extra step, even if you don’t feel like it.

SCV: What’s the difference between a trophy wife and a prostitute?

Donna Spangler: Ok…well for one you have a relationship. A prostitute on the other hand is a pay-for-play person with any Tom, Dick and Harry that will fork out the bucks.

SCV: Are men responsible for perpetuating the idea that women are commodifiable sex objects? Or are the women themselves responsible?

Donna Spangler: I think nature is a very big part of it because in the end we’re all sexual beings. It’s the way what god made us, and I believe that’s a positive thing. If we didn’t have the sexual urge obviously we wouldn’t be perpetuating our race.

One guy told me if it weren’t for females men would just be sitting in a cave watching baseball. Females are more into having nice things and males are more into, you know, just whatever they’re into…

So yeah I think men are women are equally responsible. One feeds the other.

SCV: Do you think true love exists, irrespective of title, status, and checking account balance?

Donna Spangler: Absolutely but part of who we are as people is what we’ve made out of our lives. If you’re a toothless wonder who doesn’t take care of yourself, living in a trailer park, not putting forth the effort, then that shows who you are. And who we are in life is what we put behind ourselves.

SCV: Are rich men ugly?

Donna Spangler: Are you kidding me? Some of the richest guys are drop dead gorgeous and sexy! That’s not to say there aren’t rich guys who are ugly, there are, I’ve seen a lot of those too.

SCV: So having money makes a man sexy?

Donna Spangler: Not necessarily but I think if a man has money it makes him feel more confident. And there’s nothing like confidence for sex appeal.

SCV: And lots of money.

Donna Spangler: Well it doesn’t hurt…

SCV: Are rich men more controlling than poor guys?

Donna Spangler: Not necessarily, but sometimes, yes. Wealthy guys, of course, they want what they want and they try to tell you what to do and that sort of thing…

SCV: Because they can…?

Donna Spangler: Well they think they can…

SCV: What if a man is rich but really cheap?

Donna Spangler: Ugh that’s the worst. You might as well be with a guy who doesn’t have as much money who gives you more emotionally.

But really I think if a guy’s cheap it may well be because he’s not generous at heart, money or not. Say you’re starting out with someone and you’re both poor, what good is it if he becomes wealthy and then he’s cheap with you? You don’t want to think about someone who’s really really cheap.

SCV: Is there a difference between a trophy wife and a housewife?

Donna Spangler: Hmm, I’m not sure how to respond to that. A trophy is a female who’s attractive and who a guy is proud of being with. A trophy can be a housewife too. Maybe a housewife tends more to the house, whereas the trophy wife oversees the duties of a housewife through her help.

SCV: Can you be a trophy wife and an important political figure?

Donna Spangler: Why not? Of course. You can be a dynamic woman who’s beautiful and who has things going on in her life. Yes.

SCV: Can you be a trophy wife and a working woman?

Donna Spangler: Having a wealthy man as a husband or a partner is a job. There are responsibilities. Whether it’s managing the staff, overseeing the financial portfolio… it’s not just a matter of staying home and doing nothing, or just going and getting your nails done. Like exercising. If you don’t exercise, you’ll become unhealthy and unfit.

SCV: Do you think people look down on trophy wives?

Donna Spangler: There is a kind of stigma, but I think it’s a matter that in life people don’t always understand what’s going on, what is to be this person…

SCV: This trophy wife….

Donna Spangler: If you like. People might perceive that all you do is just get your hair and nails done. But why would they say that? After all, I’m sure they like to get their hands and nails done too!

SCV: Does the 3-month salary engagement ring rule refer to pre-tax or post-tax income?

Donna Spangler: Definitely pre. For the man who has a shitload of money, that man wants to get her a ring that’s as big as possible. It’s alike a big penis, you know? It’s like my wife has one that’s bigger than yours.

SCV: What does a trophy wife do if her husband goes bankrupt?

Donna Spangler: Men as a rule, once they’ve made money they know how to make money. A lot of times, women stick it out depending on the severity of the situation. If there’s monetary things going on, it creates disruption in your life, it could create fights. So it may not be a function of oh this person is losing their money, it’s maybe a function that there’s uncomfortability in the relationship because of it.

SCV: Is it better to marry a man with no money than a man with no soul?

Donna Spangler: Oh god. Listen. In life, especially these days, you don’t want to marry a man with no soul. Like I wouldn’t want to marry a billionaire if he was an ass. You don’t want to do that. And it’s ok if you totally love a man and he’s poor, there’s nothing wrong with marrying poor. But you’ve got to realize that if you marry a poor man it might be your responsibility to make the money and if you’re ok with that then there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s a stressful position.

SCV: Is dating like the stock market? How does an aspiring trophy know when to cash out?

Donna Spangler: She’s got to date a lot of different people to see what’s going to work for her. You can’t just meet one person. What if you go out with a guy and he has no money and he makes you pay the bill? That’s not very sexy and that certainly won’t make a woman’s twitter twotter.

SCV: Is the supply for rich men as great as the demand?

Donna Spangler: Well let me just say this, there obviously aren’t as many rich men as there are poor men, but who the hell wants to end up with a friggin’ poor man?