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The Making of a Star

Brant, Christine and Erica. All photos courtesy of Ghurron Briscoe.

A recent Friday night had me gallivanting at ‘Fontanas’ bar on the lower east side in tribute to our beloved and wondrous friend Brant Kantor, producer at ‘NewBuzztv.com’ Wandering the festivities and the good merriment I posed a series of questions to those who knew Brant (including Brant himself) and those yet to know him. What follows is a delightful repartee that takes in the idea of stardom, high heels, lipstick, indulgences and the one piece of advice we would happily offer our beloved birthday boy.

Melissa, friend and public relations connoisseur.

SCV; What did you come here to find?

Melissa; A good time.

SCV; Define good time.

Melissa; That’s a good question…. (consulting her Heineken in the interim)

SCV; Tell me a Brant funny moment.

Melissa; Brant’s funny? I didn’t know he was funny.

SCV; What makes a star?

Melissa; God given talent!

SCV; Do high cheek bones help?

Melissa; Never.

SCV; Then…?

Melissa; They have got to have presence. Aura. (consulting her Heineken again) They enter the room and they’re there. Absolutely.

SCV; What shade of lipstick are you wearing?

Melissa; (takes out a capsule to show me) 912- Hysterics.

SCV; What’s the highest level of heels you would wear?

Melissa; It would depend on the event, time and place.

SCV; Tonight?

Melissa; Low heel.

SCV; What one piece of advice would you give Brant.

Melissa; I’d say drink lots of alcohol and be less inhibited.

SCV; What one thing would you agree you over indulgence in?

Melissa; That’s easy- alcohol.

Melissa, Scallywag and Daniel.
Melissa, Scallywag and Daniel.

Daniel; New friend of Melissa’s and super model look alike from Düsseldorf, Germany.

SCV; What did you come here to find?

Daniel; I don’t know. You tell me. See, look around- every one’s happy.

SCV; So happiness?

Daniel; Why not? Happiness is important.

SCV; Define happiness.

Daniel; I’m sorry my English isn’t so good. To be happy you understand.

SCV; Tell me a Brant funny moment.

Daniel; I don’t know, I just met him. Let me think….

SCV; So maybe he’s not funny?

Daniel; No, no, he’s very funny. He reminds me of Joe Pesci, from this film- ‘Goodfellas.’

SCV; Do you ever wear lipstick?

Daniel; I’m sorry, but you would like to use some lipstick?!

SCV; And high heels?

Daniel; I never tried………?

SCV; What makes a star?

Daniel; Charisma. I don’t know it’s something magic. You either have it or you don’t.

SCV; Do you have it?

Daniel; If I try.

SCV; What one thing do you think you over indulgence in?

Daniel; Definitely Indian food. Chicken vindaloo. Very good… and for sure alcohol.

SCV; Finally what one piece of advice would you give Brant?

Daniel; Go streaking more often.

Erica, long time friend, recent Los Angelines transplant.

SCV; What did you come here to find?

Erica; Brant having his birthday party.

SCV; Is it going to your satisfaction?

Erica; So far so well…..

SCV; Can you tell me a Brant funny moment?

Erica; Are you really writing this down?

SCV; Is it true that you’re from Los Angelos?

Erica; No, but who really is?

SCV; Do you find New York agreeable?

Erica; So far no regrets.

SCV; Like in L.A do you wear lipstick and high heels?

Erica; Actually more so in NYC.

SCV; Can you be more specific?

Erica; Lip gloss in L.A and high heels in NYC.

SCV; Preferred brand?

Erica; ‘Jimmy Choo,’ and ‘Manolo Blahnik.’

SCV; What makes a star?

Erica; Sex appeal.

SCV; What is sex appeal?

Erica; I don’t know, something you can’t buy in a department store.

SCV; Except ‘Jimmy Choos’.

Erica; Exactly…

SCV; Are you prone to indulgences?

Erica; Aren’t we all?

SCV; Some more than others. What piece of advice would you offer Brant?

Erica; Live baby live!

Christine, cutting New Yorker and casting director;

SCV; Have you wished Brant a happy birthday?

Christine; Before I even arrived.

SCV; What would you cast Brant in?

Christine; His current role.

SCV; Could we be privy to the type of lipstick you are wearing tonight?

Christine; ‘Estee Lauder’. Rose.

SCV; And are you wearing high heels or low heels?

Christine; Pumps.

SCV; What’s the highest heel you would wear?

Erica; 4 inch.

SCV; Is that pre or post fashion week?

Erica; Definitely pre.

SCV; What makes a star?

Christine; Confidence.

SCV; What about high cheek bones?

Christine; If that makes you more confident.

SCV; What one piece of advice would you offer Brant?

Christine; Not to forget my birthday.

Franziska and Scallywag.

Franzisca, socialite from Zurich, Switzerland.

SCV; Where are you from?

Franzisca; Zürich.

SCV; Does that mean you can speak French, Italian and German.

Franzisca; I prefer German.

SCV; What brings you here?

Franzisca; To meet people, to have fun.

SCV; Can one have fun in Zurich?

Franzisca; It depends who you meet, where you go.

SCV; Do you find New York agreeable?

Franzisca; It has its moments.

SCV; Where would you tell Brant to go?

Franzisca; Brant? Who is Brant? Is he someone important?

SCV; We like to think so. It’s his birthday today.

Franziska; Ahh, then he should go to the ‘Box,’ and ‘Beatrice.’ Maybe Café Gitane’ for café and cigarettes tomorrow.

SCV; Is that were you go?

Franziska; If I feel like it.

SCV; Do you wear lipstick or high heels?

Franziska; Neither.

SCV; Would you call that a fashion statement.

Franziska; It’s possible.

SCV; What makes a star?

Franziska; Someone who is brilliant. Someone the people like.

SCV; Do high cheek bones help?

Franziska; I think so, (long laugh)……but I think one also needs connections.

SCV; Or at the very least charm and wit to get the connections?

Franziska; Probably.

SCV; Finally, if you were inclined to indulgence what would it be?

Franziska; We don’t over indulgence in Switzerland.

SCV; Except in New York.

Franziska; Yes, except in New York.

BRANT, executive producer and birthday boy at NBTV.com

SCV; What brings you here tonight?

Brant; To celebrate life.

SCV; Can you divulge a Brant funny moment?

Brant; There are so many I don’t know where to begin?

SCV; Is that way your way of being coy?

Brant; That’s a matter of opinion.

SCV; What’s the secret to stardom?

Brant; If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

SCV; Are you prone to wearing lipstick or high heels?

Brant; Maybe if I was in front of the camera as opposed to behind it.

SCV; What makes a good tv show?

Brant; Anything that takes you away from your self.

SCV; Or closer to your self?

Brant; Yes, that too.

SCV; Do you have any indulgences?

Brant; Just sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. And of course politics.

SCV; Obama or John McCain?

Brant; Please don’t get me started.

SCV; And what piece of advice would you offer your guests tonight?

Brant; Look before you leap!

SCV; Finally, how old are you today?

Brant; That’s for you to try to guess and for me to forget.

SCV; In any event, happy birthday and SCV wishes you many more to come.