Father who killed daughter molesting daughter will not face charges. Hysterical over phone.

The pasture in which a man who allegedly molested a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death by the girl's father.

Father who killed daughter molesting daughter will not face charges. Hysterical over phone.

A father who clubbed to death a man, who was identified as 47 year old Jesus Mora Flores in the county of Lavaca, Texas whilst he was raping his 4 year old daughter will not be charged. The incident when it first occurred, June 9 caused wide dissent with many appalled that the father had taken the life of another man as justice into his own hands. Others on the other hand held the view that the father was entitled to use deadly force to protect his daughter from imminent danger, with many going on to say he was a hero.

What now is being revealed is the backdrop behind the story which shows the father pleading incestuously with dispatchers to send an ambulance to the grounds as concerns mounted that he may have irreparably harmed the man molesting his daughter, something that it becomes evident during recorded transcripts he had no intention of ever doing.

Cries the father: “Come on! This guy is going to die on me!” the father yells. “I don’t know what to do!”

nationalpostThe tense, nearly five-minute emergency call begins with the father saying that he “beat up” a man found raping his daughter. The father grows increasingly frazzled, cursing and crying into the phone so loudly at times that the call often becomes inaudible.

At one point tells the dispatcher he’s going to put the man in his truck and drive him to a hospital before sheriff’s deputies finally arrive.

“He’s going to die!” the father screams. “He’s going to (expletive) die!”

By the time emergency crews arrived, Flores was dead with the girl subsequently taken to hospital to be examined, with forensic evidence and witnesses corroborating the father’s story.

Philip Hilder, a Houston criminal defence attorney and former federal prosecutor, said he would have been surprised if the grand jury had decided to indict the father. Hilder said Texas law provides several justifications for the use of deadly force, including if someone committing a sexual assault.

“The grand jury was not about to indict this father for protecting his daughter,”

Reflects one commentator:

Justice Defined: We are all free to profit or suffer and learn (adapt to excellence) by facing the consequences of our OWN choices. Injustice is to be forced to suffer the consequences of choices of unaccountable (irresponsible) others.

In this case, justice was done and a future hazard removed from society.

And then on the flip, this:

Certainly not a good thing that agression.

But it seems quite unnecessary to kill the assaulter.

Removing the guy away from his daughter and delivering him to police would look more like justice.

Ultimately the take your stand law may need some finessing as it does allow the specter for abuse and misinterpretation and the willful use of subjects to take things extraneously into their own hands had the law not existed…

Father beats man to death who molested his 4 year old daughter is now a hero.