Clark Gable Jr’s glamour girlfriend found dead after going to sleep the night before…

Christiane Candice Lange via her twitter page

Christiane Candice Lange, rumored to have overdosed. At present authorities do not hold her live in boyfriend Clark Gable Jr, famed oldest son of movie legend Clark Gable culpable….

Reports have begun surfacing that glamor girlfriend of 52 year old John Clark Gable Jr, Christiane Candice Lange was yesterday found deceased in their Malibu house.

According to Clark Gable Jr, the celebrity artist hadn’t been feeling well and had gone to sleep that Tuesday evening, only to not  have woken up when her boyfriend, Mr Gable went to check in on her at 10 am the next day.

At present authorities believe Ms Lange may have died of natural consequences or more likely as an adverse result of taking prescription pills, yet there has been no word at present whether Ms Lange abused prescription pills or any other medications. Something that a toxicology report which when it does come out from 6-8 from now may help dispel.

The make up artist’s professional websitelisted herself as a ‘makeup artist and extension specialist,’ who trained with fellow glamor girl Alexis Vogel, who’s reputation is staked in having given Pamela Anderson her signature look. Indeed…

It is also known that Ms Lange had until recently been tweeting pictures of her boyfriend participating in car and off road truck races.

John Clark Gable Jr via Christiane Lange twitter

At present authorities have not indicated any signs of foul play but like most Hollywood deathswe may have to wait until we get to the bottom of the toxicology reports to establish if something else was amiss.

Such are the wicked departures of the young and glamorous leaving us at an all too young age….the almost too perfect Hollywood script.


Christiane Lange via her twitter page