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Transgender Colorado student plotted to shoot 3 schools

William 'Lilly' Whitworth Colorado transgender teen student arrested plotting mass shootings at three schools.
William Whitworth manifesto: Colorado transgender teen student plotted mass shootings
William ‘Lilly’ Whitworth Colorado transgender teen student arrested plotting mass shootings at three schools.

William Whitworth manifesto: Transgender Colorado student arrested after plotting to shoot 3 schools, influenced by other mass shooters and political commentators. 

‘Why does anyone do it?’ Authorities arrested a transgender teen upon recovering a manifesto detailing her plan to attack three schools and churches in Colorado just four days after Audrey Hale murdered six people at the Covenant School in Nashville. 

William Whitworth, 19, who goes by the name Lilly and is referred to with female pronouns in arrest documents, was arrested on March 31. She was a student in the school district that she planned to attack between 2014 and 2016 according to authorities. 

Upon here arrest, Whitworth was charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, criminal mischief, menacing and interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions. 

Her plans were uncovered just three days after transgender killed Audrey Hale, 28, killed three students and three staff members at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

A spokesperson for he 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office told the Colorado Springs Gazette that Whitworth is in the process of transitioning from male to female. 

‘Why does anyone do it?’

KRDO reported police being called to Whitworth’s home by the suspect’s sister who reported the suspect exhibiting violent behavior and making threats. Someone at the home told responding officers that Whitworth was ‘very upset’ and had ‘punched holes in a wall.’

Upon making entry to the residence, authorities discovered the 19-year-old had floor plans to Timberview Middle School and allegedly admitted to wanting to shoot up the school, according to an arrest affidavit obtained and reported on by local outlets.

All of the schools targeted by Whitworth have an armed school resource officer on campus who is a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department. 

The officers who went to the suspect’s home said that Whitworth was drunk, sitting on her bed, which had brown stained sheets.

When asked if she planned to shoot up a school, she responded with a head nod, according to an arrest affidavit. When asked why she wanted to do it, Whitworth allegedly replied: ‘Why does anyone do it?’

‘Once entering the home there was trash piled up all around the house to where it made it hard to walk inside. There were numerous containers filled with half eaten food with mold growing inside and numerous alcoholic beverage containers laying around the house,’ one section of the arrest affidavit reads. 

Whitworth said that there was ‘no specific reason’ that she wanted to shoot up Timberview Middle School, a school where she was once a student, according to cops. She is said to have referred to Timberview as her ‘main target.’ 

William Whitworth manifesto: Colorado transgender teen student plotted mass shootings
Pictured, Timberview Middle School, one of the three schools that William Whitworth Colorado transgender teen student plotted to attack.

Manifesto listed political influencers and mass killers

She attended the school between August and October 2016. In total, Whitworth spent just nine months in the school district that she was targeting. 

Investigators searched the home and recovered Whitworth’s four page manifesto and a floor plan that was written on a dry erase board. Nearby, a notebook with a hit list of names was recovered. 

The manifesto reportedly had the names of mass shooters and political commentators.

Whitworth claimed that she had been planning her attack for the past two month. Among her alleged materials that police recovered were details on how to create and detonate bomb, as well as a list of guns and how to 3D print them

Police did not recover any guns at the home but did find firearm cleaning supplies.  

In the recovered manifesto, Whitworth called Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ‘losers,’ described Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza as ‘smart’ while calling ex-President Donald Trump a ‘con man.’ She was also in possession of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels

Influenced by political commentators and mass killers

The manifesto also called far-right YouTuber Lauren Southern ‘pathetic,’ and left wing vlogger Vaush a ‘terrorist.’ Whitworth also called serial killer Israel Keyes a ‘degenerate’ and made disparaging remarks about police. 

When asked by investigators if she was schizophrenic, Whitworth reportedly answered: ‘I hope not.’ 

‘There’s a page in my manifesto and there’s a bunch of mass killers,’ Whitworth said when asked how much she knew about other mass shootings

The home where Whitworth was arrested is a five bedroom house that sprawls across nearly 4,000 square feet.  

Whitworth is being held on $75,000 bond and will make her first appearance in court on May 5.