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Louisville shooter social media profiles had left ideology

Connor Sturgeon, Louisville, Kentucky shooting suspect
Pictured, Connor Sturgeon Louisville, Kentucky shooting suspect at Old National Bank.
Connor Sturgeon Reddit account revealed left ideology leanings
Connor Sturgeon Reddit account revealed left ideology leanings and anti-Trump bias.

Connor Sturgeon Reddit account revealed left ideology leanings and anti Trump rhetoric as police confirm shooting was live-streamed on shooter’s Instagram account. 

Social media is calling foul and is awash in theory as to why social media operators scrubbed clean Louisville shooting suspect, Connor Sturgeon’s social media profiles, including his Instagram and Reddit account. Screenshots captured by savvy netizens prior to the take downs offered clues as to the gunman’s ideological profile and state of mind.

Sturgeon who allegedly ambushed his workplace conference room at the Old National Bank, downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Monday morning at 8.30am fatally shot four co-workers while injuring 9 others, including two responding police officers with the Louisville Metro Police Dept.

Prior to authorities confirming the gunman’s identity, social media in the preceding hours had identified the 25 year old gunman (police now say he was only 23) after being named by officers in police scanner transmissions in the immediate minutes after the shooting taking place.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it was suggested that Sturgeon’s Instagram account under the handle, @csturg41, being immediate removed, following claims that he LIVE STREAMED the unfolding shooting and after texting a friend to say he was suicidal and was going to take down fellow co-workers. 

‘They won’t listen to words or protests, Let’s see if they hear this.’ Sturgeon posted on his Instagram account minutes before Monday morning’s blood-letting.

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‘I could burn this whole place down’ 

Additionally, ‘Monday vibes.’ Then ‘I could burn this whole place down.’

‘I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.’

During a press conference on Monday, Louisville Metro Police Department Interim Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel was asked about reports that the shooting was live streamed on social media.

‘I will say this that the suspect was live streaming and unfortunately that’s tragic to know that that incident was out there and captured,’ she said. ‘We’re hopeful that we can have that incident removed.’

Along with the gunman’s Instagram account being removed, Connor Sturgeon’s Reddit account, going by the user name: CSturg41 was also removed.

Posted one user on Twitter: ‘Oh so Connor Sturgeon’s fb, insta, reddit and Twitter profiles were taken down? But not before it I turned out he was a far left dork who posted to /r/fuckthealtright and other leftist subreddits? You don’t say.’

While another wrote: ‘They’re already wiping the social media postings of Louisville mass-murderer Connor Sturgeon.

Netizens accuse Reddit of removing left leaning account to deflect ideology bent

‘Sturgeon posted anti-Trump and pro-lockdown messages on Reddit.

His Twitter account has been nuked.

Democrats don’t want you to know what their ideology does to people.’

While another theorised: ‘Why did Reddit just suspend the account of Connor Sturgeon, the perpetrator of the murder/suicide at a Kentucky bank? He hadn’t posted in quite a while.

Answer: Because he was a Trump hating leftist.’

Of equal note, The Louisville mass shooter identified as He/Him on his Linkldn profile. The overt use of pronouns had many believing that Sturgeon was pro trans or at the least pro gender and progressive values.

A Twitter profile that belonged to Sturgeon was also taken down. According to The Daily Beast, the now-deleted Twitter account included, ‘posts in support of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, as well as some criticism of police violence and of then-President Donald Trump,’ alongside tweets about the NBA, sports and messages between friends.

Follow up reports told of Sturgeon leaving a note to his parents saying he was going to carry out an attack at his place of employment after the bank firing him.