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Toronto condo shooting leaves 6 dead after gunman complained about management

Francesco Villi, Vaughan, Toronto man goes on mass shooting at Bellaria Tower Condos.
Francesco Villi Vaughan, Toronto mass shooting at Bellaria Tower Condos.
Francesco Villi, Vaughan, Toronto man goes on mass shooting at Bellaria Tower Condos.

Francesco Villi, Vaughan, Toronto man goes on mass shooting following ongoing grievances at the Ballaria Tower Condos about quality of living issues not being addressed. 

‘I just want justice…!!’ A total of six people were killed including a gunman after a male shooter went from apartment to apartment at a suburban Toronto condo shooting at occupants before cops stormed the building and killed him.

Canadian police say the unnamed suspect starting shooting in an apartment complex in Vaughan, Ontario, shortly before 7.30pm on Sunday night. Social media identified the suspect as Francesco Villi, 73, residing at the Ballaria Tower Condos located at 9235 Jane st, Vaughan. Leading up to the shooting, the ‘disgruntled’ resident had lodged a civil complaint against the condo corporation for $1million.

On arrival officers were confronted by the gunman, who was shot and killed by a police officer at the building near Jane Street and Rutherford Road according to a release from York Regional Police

Inside, emergency services found a ‘horrendous scene’ and have since confirmed that a total of six people, including the suspect, have died.

The incident took place in the suburbs 30km (20 miles) north of downtown Toronto, a city that prides itself on its longstanding safety.

‘Torment me for years’ 

Police did not to date disclose the type of weapon used during Sunday’s massacre with the sale of handguns being banned in Canada earlier this year in response to a mass shooting that saw 22 people killed in Nova Scotia in April 2020.

Chief James MacSween, of York Regional Police, said: ‘There is no further threat to the community at this point. We offer our sincere condolences to the victims and their families.’ 

MacSween said a seventh person shot by the suspect was in the hospital. But they are expected to survive their gunshot injuries. 

Police located one woman at the condo who had been shot in the face. She is believed to be one of the deceased, reports City News Toronto.  

 ‘I will die Murder by your Actions’ 

MacSween said he didn’t have details on whether the shooter was a resident of the building or what led to the shootings. Police were working on a theory that the shooter was either a past board member of the condo board or had a major argument with them. Or  possibly both the Toronto Sun reported.

A regards of the alleged gunman’s Facebook page, showed Francesco Villi frequently posting tirade videos denouncing injustice. Due to the terrible air quality, he was suing Belleria Residences. The alleged aggrieved man complained of about having a dripping nose due to the ‘bad air quality’ in his apartment, with a filed complaint citing electromagnetic waves. He had a hearing with the condo board committee set for tomorrow.

In one video tirade (see below), posted 18 hours ago at time of publishing, shortly before the mass shootings the gunman went on a 9 minute video rant where he discussed grievances with an individual appearing to be a lawyer regarding his building complaints, with Villi stating fearing a plot against him was imminent. The man is warned if he sees building officials to ignore them, not to confront them and to ‘continue walking the other way.’ 

In search of justice

Wrote Villi: ‘where’s Justice when you need. Freedom of Speech expression Liberty Rights. After these Lawyers Sold you the Court ORDER they Vanishef⁉️ SHIBLEY RIGHTON LLP LAWYERS How Much Thousands of Dollars you paid for the ORDER THAT YOU KEEP ON RENEWING To Torture me Francesco VILLI and my other Lawyers refused to remove the False ORDER this is Injustice Abuse Corruption 🖤FOR THE JUDGES TO LISTEN AND REVIEW. The writer it’s Sane with Visions of morality fv.’ 

The post was one of many daily wrote rants Villi posted on his Facebook wall complaining about his living situation and phone discussions with lawyers. He also published a photo of himself last month with the word ‘murder’. 

Posted Villi two days ago:

‘I Francesco Villi have never harmed any of you, or Caused you harm in any ways; And all of you for the last 7 years plus the only thing on your mind was and it’s to Cause me harm in anyways that are available to you to insure that I will die Murder by your Actions that you forbid me to live my life in my own home; you have secede as I am on the point of Death dying. So enjoy yourselves as you may think and believe that you will Forever on earth World🌍
The writer it’s Sane with Visions of morality fv.’

Constable Laura Nicolle, who was at the scene, told CNN it was the ‘most terrible call I’ve seen in my entire career’.

She added that it appeared the victims had been found in different apartments in the building.

Police have not yet named any of the deceased victims of Sunday’s fatal shooting and have not revealed the identity of the suspect.

Dramatic increase in gun violence in Canada

Ontario´s Special Investigations Unit is leading investigations.  

Mass shootings are rare in Canada and Toronto has long prided itself as being one of the safest big cities in the world.

Canadians are nervous about anything that might indicate they are moving closer to U.S. experiences with gun violence.

Firearms-related violent crimes account for less than three percent of all violent crimes in Canada – but since 2009 the per capita rate of guns being fired with intent to kill or wound has increased five-fold.

A 2021 analysis by the University of Washington’s (IHME) said Canada’s rate of firearm homicides is 0.5 per 100,000 people, versus the United States’ rate of 4.12, the New York Post reports.

Canada banned 1,500 types of military-grade or assault-style firearms in May 2020, days after the Nova Scotia shooting.