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8 Signs Your Family is Ready for an Adoption

adoption process
How to prepare for Adoption: Infertile & ready to accept a family
adoption process
How to prepare for Adoption: Infertile & ready to accept a family

Adoption is a beautiful and sacred concept. It is a second chance for people to raise children that do not share the same DNA, but a bond that is un-rivaled.

The adoption process is a surreal experience that is difficult to explain with mere words. The feeling of being handed over the gift of a new life in your hands is both rewarding and daunting. Many couples wonder whether they are capable enough to handle the new responsibilities that come with being a parent. 

Adoption is a boon for infertile couples when all their hopes of being parents seem lost. However, it should not be taken lightly and requires careful consideration and preparation from the parent’s end to properly welcome the child. Here is more to determine whether you are ready to become a mom or dad.

You Know You Can Love A Child Not Biologically Yours

For many couples, having their own children is important and they try all possible ways to conceive whether it is through IVF or surrogacy. In many cases, the pregnancy and the birth are essential steps in parenthood that prospective parents don’t wish to miss.

But those wanting to build a family irrespective of genetic connection can choose to adopt instead. Adoption is a blessing, both for the child and the new parents. However, both partners need to be sure that they can accept the new addition to the family and are willing to welcome the child as their own.

Adoption can allow for the joys of parenthood but forego the aspects of pregnancy and adoption. Parents should be ready to love their children irrespective of their origin.

You’ve Accepted Your Infertility And Are Ready To Have A Family

One of the chief causes of adoption is the inability of the couple to have their own biological children. Infertility is a bitter truth to accept and it is normal for couples to process this grief and loss especially if there is a history of child loss.

After numerous treatments and piling expenses with no results, many couples lose hope and have to come to terms with the fact that they cannot conceive. Once they have fully accepted their infertility and opened their hearts to other prospects, adoption can be brought to the table.

You Have Researched Adoption And Understand The Process

Adoption is a lifetime commitment so as prospective parents, you must fully understand all the aspects of the process. Research through books and look up resources online. Additionally, join seminars and consult for advice from friends and family who have adopted.

You should also take into account the adoption agencies near you and ask them to walk you through the process which can include sending applications, home inspections, financial inspection, matching, and in some cases even meetings with the birth parents. 

Moreover, many older couples decide to adopt adults whether it is for the support of a family in old age or the passing of inheritance (often in the case of same-sex couples). Keep in mind that there are many legalities to face when adopting adults so it is important that you are aware of the requirements on how to adopt an adult.

If you have determined that you are up for the challenges then you are ready to begin your adoption journey.

You And Your Partner / Spouse Agree On Adoption

Adoption should be a joint decision between the couple. Remember that the child that will be welcoming needs a supportive, loving environment and both parents are pivotal to ensuring that. 

Discuss with your spouse or partner about adoption and how both of you feel about it. It is essential that you are not using adoption as a means to repair your relationship or differences that may have arisen as a result of infertility. Children cannot fix a broken marriage or solve relationship issues, in fact, things may take a turn for the worse. In fact, it may be a good idea to sit down with a marriage or infertility counselor to sort out whether you are ready to adopt.

The child requires both parents to be in a committed and healthy relationship in order to feel safe and loved in the new family. Make sure both of you are on the same page regarding adoption and building a family together.

You Are Emotionally And Financially Prepared To Raise An Adopted Child

Welcoming a new and permanent member into the family is a huge decision both emotionally and financially. You are going to be in charge of this little human being who fully trusts you for their well-being. 

You also need to be prepared for the long and tumultuous journey of the legal process to adoption itself. Not only are there adoption fees to prepare for which can incur additional expenses of the birth mother but also the legal procedures to be approved as adopted parents.

Take into account your current lifestyle and think carefully whether you can handle the expenses of a growing child. Furthermore, there may also be medical or psychological needs that may need to be accounted for in special needs children.

Both partners need to be absolute in their determination to face this mentally and financially challenging journey to acquire their blessing and bring them home.

You Are In Good Health

Raising kids is a tremendously taxing job that requires you to be in at least good if not peak health. The first weeks may be wrought with sleep deprivation and missed meals, not to mention all the excitement in the initial weeks. 

If you suffer from any underlying medical or psychiatric issues, it is best that you discuss with your physician regarding the treatment plan. Most adoption agencies prefer age brackets for parents so that they live long enough to raise their child to adulthood.

You Know It’ll Be Worth It

The adoption journey is bittersweet but the rewards more than make up for it. There will be ups and downs, tears and laughter, frustration and joy but nothing compares to the feeling when you embrace the child that you can finally call your own. 

When you are ready to embrace the risks and the challenges that you may have to face in the future and want to go ahead with the decision regardless is when you know you are ready for it. That beautiful moment of realization that you are prepared to welcome a new member into your family and become the parent you have always dreamed of is incomparable. 

You are Excited by the Love and Opportunity Adoption Provides

Although the progress in science has allowed infertile couples to conceive via methods like surrogacy, there is no way for orphans to receive the warmth of their parents unless it is through adoption. 

The difference that it can make in the life of both the parents and the children has been testified through numerous heartwarming adoption stories. Opening the doors of your home to a child craving a loving, warm family will be the best decision of your life. 


Being a parent is no easy task but this is a teamwork that requires efforts from the whole family. You must be ready to take on the responsibility of a parent and be prepared both financially and emotionally for the new addition in the family. Adoption is a huge decision that profoundly impacts the lives of the new parents and the child.