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Our Favorite Celebrity Inspired Pear Cut Rings

pear-shaped engagement ring
Why the pear-shaped engagement ring is our new favorite and a stand-out from the crowd.
pear-shaped engagement ring
Why the pear-shaped engagement ring is our new favorite and a stand-out from the crowd.

Looking for a stunning diamond ring that stands out from the crowd? Here are all the reasons why the pear-shaped engagement ring is our new favorite.

Why a Pear Cut Engagement Ring?

When you were a child, dancing around in play dresses and dreaming of Prince Charming, you probably imagined he’d gift you with a circle cut diamond ring on a yellow or white gold band. These were popular engagement ring designs in the 80s and early 90s—and they are still trendy among older couples.

But today is a new era for engagement rings. The landscape of ring designs has drastically changed, as millennials and zoomers take their first steps toward lifelong love stories. We’ve added colorful gemstones, minimalist designs, and carefully placed accent diamonds.

Celebrity couples have caught on to the trend and created even more buzz with huge diamond engagement rings featuring unique cuts and designs—like marquise, pear, and emerald cuts.

If you’re looking for something to inspire your own jewelry collection, look no further than these popular celebrity inspired pear cut rings.

The History of the Pear Cut Engagement Ring

While the pear cut (or teardrop) engagement ring might seem like a new style, it’s been around since the 1400s. The design has only recently resurfaced as a favorite for engagement rings among celebrities. Previously, pear cut diamonds have been favored in earrings and necklaces, as their teardrop shape elongates the face and neck, blending into fine regalia while catching the light.

Professional Recommendations for Your Dream Pear Cut Ring

Get a Large Diamond

Who isn’t a fan of big bling? Since some of the diamond is lost during the cutting process, we recommend starting with a large carat stone—about one or two carats—for the teardrop.

Don’t Use a Soft Gemstone

The diamond isn’t for everyone, and pear cut engagement rings look stunning with emerald, sapphire, or ruby center stones. Because of the sharp point of the teardrop shape, we recommend not using a soft gemstone. Make sure your gem of choice scores at least an eight or above on the Mohs hardness scale. If your heart is set on a softer stone, get a prong at the tip of your pear cut for extra protection. This ensures your gemstone can’t be easily damaged.

Check for Light Leakage

The pear cut diamond is a little more difficult to perfect, and light leakage is a lot more common than with other styles. Light leakage occurs when an imperfection casts a dark shadow over the sparkle. Light leakage won’t show up on your diamond grading report, so it’s important to have a trusted jeweler look over the stone.

Our Favorite Celebrity Pear Cut Rings

With their extensive resources and glamorous styles, we always look to celebrities for the best engagement ring ideas.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Pear-Shaped Diamond Wonder

Famous actress Elizabeth Taylor proudly flaunted a 69-carat diamond ring, alongside dozens of other expensive jewels. Possibly one of the most famous pear cut diamonds ever, it was gifted to her by her lover Richard Burton and has gone down in history as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Talk about iconic! Elizabeth eventually had the diamond crafted into a necklace, since it was too heavy to carry on her finger.

Cardi B’s Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Cardi B’s rap style is hypnotic. So is her taste in diamond jewelry. At any premiere event, you can expect Cardi B to show up in a flash of diamonds that somehow perfects her outfit every time. Then-boyfriend Offset (also a professional rapper) proposed to Cardi on stage with an eight-carat teardrop stone. It also features a double halo. The perfect addition to Cardi’s diamond collection.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Two-Stone Ring Is Packed with Meaning

Most women don’t dream of having a makeshift paperclip engagement ring, but that’s exactly what Emily Ratajkowski received from Sebastian Bear-McClard during their spontaneous engagement. And she said, “Yes!” Of course, he eventually had to make it up to her. That’s how she became the owner of a stunning two-stone diamond ring, featuring a princess cut diamond and a teardrop side-by-side. Sebastian and Emily actually shaped their own rings, alongside a professional jeweler, after buying gold in Chinatown.

Katherine Heigl’s Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Has a Sentimental Twist

One of the least controversial marriages in Hollywood, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are lifelong best friends. For their engagement, Josh gifted Katherine a huge three-carat teardrop diamond ring, complete with pavé diamonds around the band. To add a special touch, Josh included part of her mother’s ring in the band.

Savannah Brinson Inspired Lebron James to Splurge

There is no more precious love story than a celebrity and his high school sweetheart. Lebron James is a committed family man, and he’s been with the same woman for decades. Savannah Brinson was the lucky recipient of a seven-carat pear-shaped engagement ring. It was one of the first teardrop rings to kick off the trend in 2011!

Sophie Turner Stuns in a Minimalist Solitaire

Less is more. Sophie Turner’s ring embraces minimalism in the most impressive way. Her husband Joe Jonas has been pretty quiet about the design process, but we think he did an awesome job. The pear cut diamond is surrounded by two bands covered in pavé accent stones.

What’s So Special about a Teardrop Engagement Ring?

A pear-shaped ring isn’t for everyonebut it might be for you. We recommend this style of ring for women who get upset when someone else shows up to a party in the same outfit. It’s a perfect cocktail ring, engagement ring, or addition to your growing jewelry collection.

Since it’s so unique, the teardrop does require a lot of research, as well as proper care and cleaning—especially to protect the tip of the diamond or gemstone. But if you do end up choosing a pear-shaped ring to begin the rest of your love story, you can be sure you’re investing in a totally unique piece you’ll be proud to show off for decades.