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Why Online Slots Continue To Be So Popular

Online Slots
The Rise of Online Slots & new popular Greedy Wolf game
Online Slots
The Rise of Online Slots & new popular Greedy Wolf game

The Rise of Online Slots and the newest Popular Greedy Wolf game by Pragmatic Play captivating player interest. 

Online slots have in many ways taken center stage at online casinos around the world. The institutions that are Poker and Blackjack will always gain players and followers. They all offer the thrills and excitement needed to enjoy a great gaming session, yet slots continue to be hugely popular at these online venues.

The Rise Of Slots

The physical slot machines that have been emulated by the sophisticated software involved in today’s online casinos have a long history. The first slot machine was developed by the Sittman and Pitt company of New York in 1891. Instead of printed reels, the machine used playing cards and had no direct payout method. This meant that players would go to the bar to collect their winnings. Naturally, this had some refreshing advantages but seems inconceivable with today’s fast-paying online casinos.

Slot machine technology remained fully mechanical until the mid-70s when the first video slot machine was introduced by the California-based company Kearny Mesa. To see an online slot, the world would have to wait until 1999 when Microgaming’s original Cash Splash was released. The first version was a very basic 3 reel game, but it marked the start of one of the gaming industry’s success stories. Of course, Cash Splash itself would go on to be developed into a game still popular today. It is still a simple game, with 5 reels and 15 pay lines, but without any of the additional features we that players love.

Modern Online Slots

The constant hard work by game designers and developers is a key reason online slots have remained so popular. If we look at the recently developed Greedy Wolf game by Pragmatic Play which was released in August of 2022, it becomes clear how online slot gaming has taken giant leaps into the future, but in doing so has managed to retain our love for tradition. 

Those who play Greedy Wolf will be rewarded with a richly illustrated cartoon-style slot game themed on the traditional children’s fairy tale 3 Little Pigs. True to the original story, the aim of the game is to escape the wolf. It’s a 5-reel, 20-pay line game with a number of interesting features to keep players excited and entertained. 

From the little pigs taking to the stairs and generating random wilds which respin, and then become sticky. These are cleared when the wolf huffs and puffs with all his might and blows the wilds right off the reels. Features like this keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. 

No modern slot should miss the mark when it comes to free spins and Greedy Wolf does not disappoint with over 6 scatters on the field. 

Future Popularity

Where the future of online casino slots will venture will ultimately be driven by the industry’s desire to keep customers entertained. With the constant advances in the game engines and software behind the world’s best slots, we will never need to wait long to see what the future holds.