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Duck sauce killer who shot dead Queens deliveryman kills self

Glenn Hirsch Queens NY man aka Duck Sauce killer commits suicide on eve of murder court appearance after allegedly shooting dead Chinese delivery man.
Glenn Hirsch Queens NY suicide
Glenn Hirsch Queens NY man aka Duck Sauce killer commits suicide on eve of murder court appearance after allegedly shooting dead Chinese delivery man.

Glenn Hirsch Briarwood Queens NY man aka accused Duck Sauce killer commits suicide on day of murder court appearance after allegedly shooting Chinese delivery man, Zhiewn Yan dead. 

A Queens, NYC man accused of shooting dead a Chinese delivery man over a long running feud involving condiments has committed suicide. The man’s death comes as the ‘Duck Sauce killer’ was set to appear in court today to face allegations against him.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, had been released on bail after being charged with the murder of Zhiewn Yan, and was set to appear in court on Friday.

Prosecutors alleged, Hirsch shooting Yan, in the chest while doing delivery rounds on his scooter in Forest Hills.

Hirsch, who had prior run ins with the Chinese takeaway, is accused of shooting Yan, a father of three before fleeing the scene on April 30.

Police say that Hirsch, who was believed to be driving an older model of a Lexus RX3 SV at the time, briefly exchanged words at a traffic light before Yan was shot near 108th Street and 67th Drive.

‘You didn’t give him enough duck sauce…’ 

At Hirsch’s Briarwood home, cops discovered his refrigerator packed with sweet and sour duck sauce.

‘His whole refrigerator was filled with duck sauce,’ a police source told the New York Daily News. ‘And other condiments.’

‘He’s a hoarder. And when you open the refrigerator, it’s like, condiments – there’s duck sauce, soy sauce, ketchup.’

Reflecting on the man hoarding condiments, the source added: ‘I guess in some pathology people like that take that stuff very seriously – you didn’t give him enough duck sauce’. 

Hirsch, who had nine prior arrests on his record, previously pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, claiming that police had ‘arrested the wrong guy.’ 

His brother reportedly posted the $500,000 for his bail in a certified check, though attorney Michael Horn says that the money came from his client.

He was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet monitor at all times and remain at his Jamaica home 24 hours of the day.

Prior gun arrests

Yan, who worked seven days a week and held three jobs to support his family, had been working at the Great Wall restaurant for more than a decade prior to his death, the nydailynews reported. 

Hirsch was arrested 9 times between 1995 and 2012, but none of them are disclosed as they are sealed. One of the arrests is related to Hirsch committing a robbery with a gun, police sources told the Daily News. 

His wife Dorothy Hirsch, 62, pleaded not guilty earlier this week after she was arraigned on weapons charges when cops raided her Briarwood home the nypost reported.

On June 3, Hirsch was arrested after police conducted a raid at her home two days after her husband and alleged killer was charged with shooting Yan.

Her lawyers said that she had not lived with her husband for years, with her attorneys saying the registered nurse is ‘absolutely innocent.’

During the bust authorities seized eight handguns and ammunition from Hirsch’s Briarwood home, officials said.

Glenn Hirsch Queens NY suicide
Pictured, Zhiewn Ya Chinese delivery man allegedly shot dead by Duck Sauce killer, Glenn Hirsch Queens, NY man.

The American Dream is not for everybody… 

Police records show the couple live in separate homes with Glenn living in nearby Jamaica.

The District Attorney’s office say in documents that they acknowledge that her husband had access to her apartment.

The guns were reportedly discovered in boxes and garbage bags amongst Hirsch’s other belonging in a closet used by him.

A restaurant employee, Soi Chung, 70, told the dailymail that Hirsch had ‘multiple’ disputes with staff at the eatery and pulled a gun on staffers during one incident in January.

Another incident last year saw the angry customer become upset over the amount of duck sauce given to him in one of his orders, Chung said, spurring a campaign of harassment, vandalism, and threats from the customer.

Yan leaves behind a wife and three children, aged two, 12, and 14, with his wife, Kunying Zhao, setting up a GoFundMe page

‘This was a father of three children working three jobs – all food delivery,’ Yan’s nephew, who identified himself as Michael said. 

‘He came here in 2001,’ the relative went on. ‘He has been in this country over 20 years.’

Adding: ‘It’s unacceptable that this happened. This is a very peaceful community. This never happened, this kind of issue.’