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Ten Tips For Visiting A Land-Based Casino

Gambling pro tips
Gambling pro tips: How to narrow your losses gambling & maximize your winnings when playing at a casino.
Gambling pro tips
Gambling pro tips: How to narrow your losses gambling & maximize your winnings when playing at a casino.

How to narrow your losses and maximize your winnings gambling at casinos: What players should pay attention to, be aware of and thinking like a gambling pro. 

Your bags are packed, tickets in hand, and you are ready to head to Vegas or Macau for your next holiday. Before you head off into the sunset and the casinos, we have a few tips on how to maximise your casino visits. Not only to win more money but also to prevent you from spending too much. Nothing spoils a getaway more than running out of money in the middle of the holiday.

1. Put your phone away

We know you are excited about your trip and can’t wait to take selfies to capture the magical moments, just not on the gaming floor. The first offence may get you a warning, but if you continue using your phone at a poker table or elsewhere, you could get kicked out. So rather take photos of your amazing outfits before you go into the casino.

2. Make a Bankroll

The practice of making a bankroll could be one of the best things you do for yourself. Set aside an amount of money you are willing to lose (hopefully, you won’t lose it all) and stick to that budget. Secondly, you could set an amount or percentage you are willing to spend per wager. You could say $20 on slots or 10% on poker tables. Ensure you stick to your bankroll and don’t search for an ATM in the early morning hours.

3. Don’t look down on discounts and comps.

Unless you have a limitless gold card, sign up for a player’s card or rewards programme. This could save you up to 20% off your room rate. If you play and win, who knows, you might even get a complimentary room, meal, or bonus chips to play with.

4. Don’t Count Cards

While this strategy may have worked for the MIT blackjack team, casinos don’t take too kindly to the practice. Even though they can’t bring a legal case against you, they can throw you out and put you on a blocklist with other casinos as well.

5. Follow Casino Etiquette

Casino etiquette includes several things, adhering to the dress code; some casinos allow casual wear while others expect cocktail wear. So check beforehand what is expected before donning your most amazing casino outfits to a casual beach casino.

Keep your phone on vibrate and if you must answer a call, step away from the table not to distract other players. Some casinos ask you to switch off your phone, which may be excessive.

Tip the servers; even if you get free food and drinks, you should still tip well, especially if you want great service throughout your stay.

6. Choose games with the best odds

We all know gambling is about luck and probability, so you want to stack the odds in your favour. Games like blackjack, roulette, and craps have a favourable environment for players, whereas slots, keno, and wheel of fortune are tipped more to the house’s favour. So choose wisely.

7. Learn some strategy

Learn the games you want to play, challenge your friends and get a strategy in place for the real deal. You could also write down your strategy and bring it to the table. Just make sure it’s printed on paper and not on your phone.

8. Don’t play slots near the bathroom

This may seem like a strange tip, but the theory is that the slots near the bathroom usually have the lowest payout, as the casino knows people will sit there to wait for space in the bathroom. Legally the percentage payout in casinos is based on the house and not on individual machines, so this theory has not been proven yet.

9. Take Breaks

People generally don’t know how long they have been sitting at a game table, and this is especially true when they are on a winning streak. Walk around, try other games or watch another blackjack game away from your table. This way, you avoid being sucked into hours of gaming non-stop.

Gambling pro tips
Gambling pro tips: How to narrow your losses gambling & maximize your winnings. Common sense always goes a long way, including resisting the urge to fight with the dealer.

10. Don’t fight with the dealer

Remember, the dealer is not out to get you; he or she is just doing his job. The dealer might even give you a few tips if you are courteous and tip-well. So calm down when you lose and simply walk away.

Last Words

These tips will not make you a gambling pro, but they will ensure you have an enjoyable casino experience, especially if it is your first time. But nothing beats using your common sense, doing things in moderation, and having lots of fun.