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Loveland Ohio 23 yr old woman found safe after missing during evening walk

Alicia Kenny Loveland, Ohio 23 year old missing woman.
Pictured, Alicia Kenny Loveland, Ohio 23 year old missing woman.
Alicia Kenny Loveland, Ohio 23 year old missing woman.
Pictured, Alicia Kenny Loveland, Ohio 23 year old missing woman.

Alicia Kenny Loveland, Ohio woman found safe after going missing after walk, backpack found with identity, wallet and phone as 23 year old called asking for ride on evening of disappearance. 

A Loveland 23-year-old was found safe in Symmes Township Wednesday, officials said. The Symmes Township Fire Department said Alicia Kenny was located two days after her family said she took a walk from her Loveland home.

‘Alicia Kenny was found this afternoon safe and unharmed and is currently in the care of her family members according to the The Loveland Police Department. The office in its statement added that it, ‘would like to thank our law enforcement partners the Ohio Bureau Of Criminal Investigations and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for their extensive assistance with resources and agents, as well as help from the community. The involved law enforcement agencies worked long hours in challenging weather conditions to bring Alicia home.’ 

While Alicia was now back with her family come Wednesday afternoon, questions remained: why did the 23 year old leave her backpack with her wallet, phone & i.d behind? Why had she sought a ride Saturday night & to where? And where was she the days she was missing?

### Original report: Ohio investigators are seeking the whereabouts of a 23 year old woman who was reported missing over the weekend after saying she was going for a walk. Of note, the woman’s backpack, which included her wallet, id and phone was found before it was known the 23 year had seemingly vanished. 

Alicia Kenny of Loveland prior to her re-emergence, Wednesday afternoon was last seen late Saturday. Kenny’s mother said her daughter lives with her grandparents and left their home to go for a walk, as she frequently did to write or draw in local parks. ‘It’s just really hard to think about what could happen,’ Marcy Kenny told WLWT. ‘She’s just gone.’

Did 23 year old willingly walk away from backpack? 

A delivery driver found Kenny’s backpack along his route at a subdivision in Loveland, Sunday morning, before she was reported missing. Police in Montgomery later dropped it off at Kenny’s home after the driver took it to cops, WLWT reported.

‘And that’s when everybody realized that she wasn’t there, that when she left on Saturday night, she had never come home,’ Marcy Kenny said. ‘In the backpack were her phone, her ID, her wallet, everything.’

Kenny said her ‘very religious’ daughter never went anywhere without her backpack, which also contained her Bible.

‘That’s something that’s extremely close to her heart,’ the mother told WLWT. 

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has joined the search for Kenny, WCPO reported.

Detectives were working several tips in the investigation to track down Kenny, who is known to frequent parks and has no known vehicle, police said. Kenny, who is roughly 5 feet tall and weighs 110 pounds, was last seen wearing dark pants, a white shirt and sandals, police said.

‘All she has is literally the clothes on her back,’ Marcy Kenny said. ‘Without that backpack, she has absolutely nothing. And I honestly … we can’t think of any scenario where she would have put the backpack down and walked away willingly.’

Sought ride from friends on evening of disappearance

‘The investigative team came today to get something that would have her DNA on it,’ Marcy told WCPO in a Tuesday report. ‘In case she’s found, they want to be prepared. And just the thought of that takes us to a very deep and dark place that we try hard to avoid. The storms that hit last night, if she was out there alone … that’s a very painful thought.’

Kenny’s friends, meanwhile, asked for help on Facebook in the ongoing search to find her.

‘She called people asking for a ride, Saturday night, and to our knowledge was never picked up by one of her friends,’ read one post. ‘Her belongings were found in her backpack which was abandoned and picked up by a UPS driver on their route … If you see her, please call 911 immediately.’

Authorities describe Kenny as a ‘critical missing person.’