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Best Jewelry Sets To Buy That Will Match Every Outfit

Best jewelry set
Best jewelry set styles that will match your favorite fashion look. Pictured, pearl jewelry set.
Best jewelry set
Best jewelry set styles that will match your favorite fashion look. Pictured themed earring set.

Best Jewelry sets that will match your fashion outfit; from themed earring sets, pearl jewelry, all chain jewelry and the multi ring set that will accentuate your wardrobe. 

Jewelry sets are as beautiful as they are efficient. Since they are made to match, you won’t face the worry of styling them and making sure that every jewelry that you wear goes together.

While the concept of jewelry sets might be dated for some, recent styles of jewelry sets are fresh, modernized, and groundbreaking. Think standard jewelry made more stylish through the power of coordination. Although, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of classic jewelry!

Buying jewelry sets is definitely one heck of a task. But don’t worry —we searched the whole internet for the best jewelry set styles that will go with every outfit in your wardrobe:

For The Playful You: Themed Earring Set

Wearing multiple earrings is now the best way to accessorize your ears. It’s much more stylish and you can get a whole range of designs mixed together to create a beautiful jewelry ensemble.

So what better way to celebrate this style than by getting yourself a themed earring set? Many jewelers, especially wholesale earrings boutiques, are reaching out to the playful side of fashion through themed jewelry. It can be anything —a reference to your favorite artist, a show that you recently watched and loved, or even seasons-based. 

Best jewelry set
Best jewelry set styles that will match your favorite fashion look. Pictured, pearl jewelry set.

This is a great way to express yourself and maybe even earn some acknowledging looks from others who recognize the reference. 

For The Girl Boss Type: Pearl Jewelry Set

Pearls never go out of fashion and it’s really a woman’s not-so-secret weapon. This jewelry style never goes out of…well, style. Since it’s a jewelry collection staple, you deserve some well-made pearls that can go with any outfit to bring out your inner girl boss.

The components of pearl jewelry sets depend on the jeweler but the most common one is the necklace-earring ensemble. For us, this is the best starting point for pearl jewelry sets because any more than that can have the tendency of looking too dated and mature. 

Our best advice is to not overdo it. Pearls are already “dressy” on their own, so you don’t need overtly designed pearl jewelry to make it stand out. Pearl pendants are great for a casual and laid-back approach to the classic pearl. But if you want a string of pearls for a necklace, then choose a singular pearl stud for your earrings. That way, you’re emphasizing the continuity of pearls which makes the material shine through.

For The Edgy One: All-Chain Jewelry Set

If you want to add spunk and personality to your outfits, then an all-chain jewelry set works great. You can get it in any combination (why not splurge for an earrings-necklace-bracelet package) and they will match whatever outfit you have in your mind.

One of the trending chain styles is the Tiffany links. Famous for the beautiful entwined hardware, the Tiffany links are recognizable from a distance. While the original one can easily cost you at least a thousand dollars, the jewelry industry adapted this design to give us great pieces at a reasonable price point.

When it comes to chain jewelry, remember that the hardware itself is the design. If you intend to wear it as a standalone piece, then opt for bigger sizes to maximize the look. 

bangle stack set
Best jewelry set styles that will match your favorite fashion look. Pictured, bangle stack set.

If the Tiffany-inspired chains are not your cup of tea, then there are a lot of chain styles available for jewelry. Other types include snake chain, ball-and-rope, and many more.

For The Not-So Complicated Type: Bangle Stack Set

Layering doesn’t only apply to necklaces. Stacked bracelets are also very elegant and stylish!

But when it comes to bangles, it can be a little tricky to stack them properly without looking (and feeling) too heavy.  So why not uncomplicated things and just buy a stackable bangle set?

Stacked bangles are your perfect arm candy. It’s an instant way to dress up your outfit and look more polished. For us, we particularly love mixed metals when it comes to stacking bangles. It breaks the monotony of only using either silver or gold, which is the tendency when you’re wearing multiple bangles at the same time. 

Mixed metals are trendy right now and we believe that this will become a style classic. There’s no need to stick to one metal like in the olden days. Besides, mixed metals (especially in bangles) add depth and character to your style.

For The Times That You Like It: Multiple Ring Set

From the immortal words of Beyonce – if you liked it, then you should put a ring on it. In our case, why not multiple?

Multiple Ring Set
How about a multiple ring set that will best accentuate your favorite fashion look?

If you want to go all hands on deck when it comes to jewelry, then a multiple-ring set will surely brighten your style. It may be one of your smallest jewelry pieces, but don’t underestimate the beauty and style it adds to your look.

Wearing multiple rings can be a bit awkward and uncertain at first. After all, there’s only one ring finger on each hand. But with proper styling and stacking, donning multiple rings at the same time will start to feel natural.

For ring sets, you can never go wrong with having one or two “main” rings that will have the biggest stone or design out of all the rings. Then, you can start to build around it using minimal rings. But don’t stack all your rings on a single finger because that won’t do you any favor. 

Spread the rings across your hand depending on the design and size. Make sure to balance the elements out. When in doubt, don’t stack more than three rings on a single finger. Adding space between the rings will also get a different effect on its overall look. 

When buying ring sets, make sure to get rings that are in different sizes since your fingers don’t measure the same. But if you can’t wear them to try the fitting, then opting for adjustable rings will do the trick.

Jewelry sets are a great start if you’re planning to expand your jewelry collection. It’s also economical and hassle-free when wearing and styling, if you want to explore more about the jewelry styles we just discussed, you can check some of the world famous jewelry stores such as Etsy and JewelryBund. You can also check more from the story jewellery evil eye necklace collection.