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Five Top Blackjack Variants You Can Play Online Today

Blackjack Variants Online
Five Top Blackjack Variants You Can Play Online Today.
Blackjack Variants Online
Five Top Blackjack Variants You Can Play Online Today.

Stumble across a world of great blackjack variants that are primed and ready for action at online casinos today.

While many new casino players may believe that there is only one type of blackjack game out there, they are wrong. Many will be pleasantly surprised (not to mention excited) to learn that there are over a dozen, even two dozen blackjack variants that they can play. We’re not going to rattle them all off here one by one, but we should naturally introduce you to a few.

If you’re on the hunt for new blackjack games to play, here are five top variants you should become familiar with today.

Classic Blackjack

Most BJ tables consist of Classic Blackjack games. These are the default option. They will consist of eight 52-card decks, and dealers must hit on a soft 17. On top of that, if you land blackjack, you will pocket odds of 3:2 and paid 1:1 for any win. It is not common for these simple blackjack games to carry side-bets, but some do. Most of the other variants we will cover differ from this basic game in some way, so let’s meet the neighbours.

Blackjack: Double Exposure

Blackjack: Double Exposure naturally gets its name from the fact that it allows you to see both the dealer’s cards before you bet. However, while that may sound like an advantage, the game utilises different rule changes to “compensate” for that. For instance, you can no longer get 3:2 payouts on blackjack, with prizes reduced to 1:1. Some games do not allow you to double down after splitting. The player will also lose all ties, save for blackjacks.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live blackjack isn’t one game. It is several. Live dealer blackjack games span every type of blackjack game you can possibly play with a human dealer (so, all of them). Here, the dealer will control the action, and you’ll follow it via a live internet video stream. Because these games are streamed from a real casino or studio floor, they have an atmosphere that you just can’t get from RNG (random number generator) games.

Blackjack: 21+3 and Blackjack: Perfect Pairs

In most cases, Blackjack: 21+3 or Blackjack: Perfect Pairs will be played out just like Classic Blackjack. In fact, many consider these two to be the same kind of game, albeit with side-bets. The 21+3 and Perfect Pairs aspects of the game are side bets, where you can be rewarded if your hand fulfils certain criteria. As the side-bets are optional, and the basic blackjack gameplay is the same as Classic Blackjack, you could argue that these games aren’t variants. We like to think that they are, though, as not all Classic Blackjack games offer you side-bet options.

Blackjack Switch

Lastly, there is Blackjack Switch. The game allows you to swap cards from one hand to another. You must make two bets of equal size to play with two hands, and you can only switch the second card from each hand. To offset this ability, the dealer will peek for blackjack, and a dealer hand of 22 will push against any player’s hand apart from 21.