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Things to keep in mind as a webcam girl

working as a webcam girl
What is it like working as a webcam girl? Career as an online performer
working as a webcam girl
What is it like working as a webcam girl? Career as an online performer. Stock image.

What is it like working as a webcam girl? Career as an online performer. While lucrative work, there are challenges to overcome and it might not be the type of work most women imagine it to be. 

The sex industry is one of the oldest professions, yet it seemingly continues to grow in size. New technology has meant services can be delivered in new, innovative ways, such as online performances and digital communication. Of course, the destigmatisation of this line of work certainly has helped, too.

However, just because it’s more accepted than ever before, it doesn’t mean there are no obstacles. If you choose to work for one of the many girl cam sites, then there are some things to be wary of.

Recorded shows

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the permanence of the content that you put out there. Many shows online are not just broadcasted to a site, but also recorded and uploaded somewhere. This is something important to consider, as you may be under the illusion that what you broadcast will be seen and gone, as opposed to permanently being uploaded to a website. Of course, this means that it’s possible for some users to also download this content, which can feel like a violation to some people.


Cam sites are popular among adult workers simply because they can pay a lot of money and sometimes for very little effort. However, revenue isn’t the only important thing to consider, as you must factor in the chance of refunds. Whilst not all sites provide them, many do offer the chance for refunds if they do not like the show. Inevitably, this can impact a girl’s profits, leaving them with less than they initially expected.

There are two paths to take here. Either the worker factors in the likelihood of refunds into their revenue expectations, or they choose to work on a site that does not accept them.

Psychological abuse

Keyboard warriors aren’t just a thing of social media, they also exist on cam sites. Of course, if someone has paid to see you perform, then the likelihood of receiving abuse may seem like it would decrease – but it’s important to not rule out the fact it still exists.

Receiving rude and insulting messages – and potentially sexually aggressive messages – can affect the worker’s mental health. It’s one thing receiving abuse on Twitter as an anonymous party, but it can feel more personal when being intimate with your audience.

So, it’s important for workers to understand how to deal with this situation when it inevitably arises. Not just in managing expectations, but knowing how and when to ban and block users – and not to work for a site that doesn’t allow blocking of users.

Family and friends

It’s entirely possible that you can work on live shows under a false name and never have anyone in your personal life find out. But, whilst it’s possible, it cannot ever be guaranteed. As mentioned earlier, shows can be recorded, even if you’re unaware, and uploaded around the internet – or even more simply, someone you may know may also use the same cam site.

working as a webcam girl
Working as a webcam girl. A career perhaps not for every woman. Stock image.

So, it’s not a good idea to have adult work as a secret. Or if it is, you have to be prepared that the secret may get out. This can be hard for some people, but if you cannot bear the thought of other people knowing and feel that it may damage your reputation – and possibly impact your career and personal life – then it may not be for you. This is far more important than simply having the confidence and courage to be a performer, because you can always fake it until you make it. However, what you put out online can’t always be un-done.

Job security

Finally, it’s important to highlight the nature of being self-employed more generally. Not having workers’ rights, sick pay, maternity leave, and so on comes with its own risks. Girl cam sites can be very, very lucrative – you may earn more per year than you ever have before. However, there comes with this a pressure to keep on performing, not to take breaks, and the cloud that your work could possibly dry up at any moment.

Of course, it presents other opportunities too, such as being a social media influencer, but it’s important to understand how to manage your money given this level of income insecurity. So, saving more than you usually would, investing, paying into a private pension, and having a healthy emergency fund are all ways this can be combated.

Final Word

Cam work is a highly polarising profession. Some people may view it as empowering, others may see it as demeaning. Some may see it as lucrative, others may see it as desperate. What matters is that however you view it, you must become secure in this as opposed to apprehensive. Having lots of grey areas and insecurities (i.e. family finding out) could spell disaster in a worst-case scenario, whilst a strong personality is also useful for the darker moments of receiving abuse. However, it’s not all doom and gloom – for many, it’s the best decision of their life, allowing them to earn more than they ever have and for less hours.