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Albuquerque BMX suspect arrested in stabbing of 11

Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque
Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque stabbing suspect goes on random spree of 11 arrested.
Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque
Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque stabbing suspect goes on random spree of 11 arrested.

Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque New Mexico man arrested after going on random stabbing spree of 11 over course of 3 hours. Prior criminal rap sheet. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico authorities have arrested a man suspected of of stabbing 11 people as he rode a bicycle around the city over the weekend, leaving two victims critically injured, according to reports. 

Tobias Gutierrez, 42 was booked into jail overnight on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Albuquerque police said in a statement on Monday KOB reported. Booking documents said he was homeless.

Court records show Gutierrez having a criminal history that includes prior felony offenses, including that of burglary, battery and possession of a controlled substance.

The stabbings appeared to have been committed at random along Central Avenue, one of the city’s main thoroughfares and lasted close to 3 hours.  One of the crime scenes included a homeless encampment and another was near a smoke shop where the suspect riding a BMX bike asked a victim for money and yelled obscenities before swinging a knife, according to a criminal complaint.

‘There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason’ to the attacks, said police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos according to ABC News.

Random stabbing spree 

Sunday’s attacks began around 11:15 a.m., when officers responded to a crime scene downtown and found a man suffering a laceration to his hand. About an hour later, another call came in about the stabbing outside the smoke shop near the University of New Mexico a couple miles away.

Police were called to two more stabbings along Central Avenue over the next two hours before another call came in at 2 p.m. about a man trying to stab people outside a convenience store. Arriving officers found two victims with neck wounds.

Within the next 20 minutes, two more calls came in — and the final one involved a victim stabbed outside of a restaurant along another busy street less than a mile away.

The witnesses identified a man on a bike armed with a large knife.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer saw a suspect who fit the description and saw him toss something into a trash can before the officer stopped the suspect. A search warrant was issued and a knife was found.

The victims were taken to different hospitals and while two suffered critical injuries, all of those hospitalized were in stable condition, police said. Some were treated for their injuries and released.

New Mexico court records show Gutierrez charged over the years with drug possession and driving while intoxicated.

Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque
Tobias Gutierrez Albuquerque stabbing suspect of 11 arrested.

Prior criminal rap sheet

In 2014, Gutierrez failed to appear in court for driving on a revoked license, records show. He responded to the court with a handwritten note saying that he was in federal custody in another county and that he was making an effort to better himself while incarcerated.

His federal prison sentence stemmed from a case in which he entered a tribal casino north of Albuquerque while carrying a revolver and ammunition.

Authorities said Gutierrez got into an altercation with a casino security officer, dropped the revolver, got into a vehicle and led police on a chase through a suburb until he crashed and was found hiding.

Records show he was released from federal custody in 2020. It remained unclear where the man lived upon his release and how he provided for himself.