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Vices of celebrities worldwide: from luxury to unbridled fun

Celebrity vices
Celebrity vices: from luxury, drinking, gambling and other forms of unbridled fun
Celebrity vices
Celebrity vices: from luxury, drinking, gambling and other forms of unbridled fun

Celebrity vices: from luxury, drinking, gambling and other forms of unbridled fun. An expose of some of Hollywood VIP’s habits and down time activities.  

Whether we like it or not, whether we criticize the glossy world of TV or whether we are passionate and faithful to specific television programs, the world of the stars -from actors to showgirls to presenters- is still part of contemporary life. So, in one way or another, even if we are partially skeptical or disinterested, we come into contact with this reality, from a Facebook meme or the chatter of a friend.

The VIPs, after all, are a broad category, which today also includes politicians, queens, princesses, heirs to the throne, heads of state, entrepreneurs, and, given the scope of the phenomenon of social networks, even ordinary people, who compete to grab at least one virtual minute of fame.

Just think of Melania Trump, the Queen of England, or even Lady Gaga: every change of dress for these celebrities becomes the reason for the main headlines of international news and newspapers, until it becomes a real trend, as history teaches us, from the myth of Grace Kelly to the unforgettable bon ton of Jackie Kennedy.

However, success is also linked to particular vices or passions of various kinds familiar to all sorts of celebrities, which often cause discussion and sometimes annoy, but still intrigue, as they are still the mirror of a composite society all to be deciphered.

The small “healthy” and legal vices are therefore part of everyone’s life, with the right proportions and in respect of personal and family health and social life, from the pleasure of good food to the joy of gambling: especially in the latter case, if it is a question of gambling, it is better to act in respect of the law – may be taking a look at sites like asiabet.org if, for example, you are in Asia, to make sure you play safely, or other similar sites that safeguard your interests, and check that the sites listed on the platform are registered with a reputable gambling authority and in line with the regulatory gambling acts of each region.

From gaming to drinks and food: the passions of the stars 

Here, then, is a list of the pleasures of the stars, to which celebrities of all kinds cannot give up and for which they have conquered the covers of tabloids and gossip magazines, but also the most severe national chronicles. 

George Clooney

A few years ago, George Clooney’s employees confessed that the well-known American actor is obsessively jealous of his liquor. In fact, to prevent anyone from getting close to his thousands of dollar collection, Clooney would draw his alcohol level with a marker. Never mind, he ended up selling the liquor company he ‘accidentally’ started with good friend, Randy Gerber and pocketing $233 million profit


There is no shortage of extravagances for the beautiful Beyoncè! The star with the “golden buttocks”, would have made her collaborators sign a clause in which she would forbid the dancers to look her in the eyes when they meet her. But, who knows, maybe even Beyoncè has the power to petrify those who cross with the look, just like Medusa.

Robert De Niro

As we can read on historyvshollywood.com, De Niro is the historical protagonist of one of the most beautiful films set in the world of casinos, entitled Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese in 1995.

celebrity vices
celebrity vices: Robert DeNiro star turn in Casino.

But his bond with casinos does not stop at the big screen. Robert De Niro has always been a passionate gambler who has also decided to invest part of his rich earnings in the business of casinos and luxury resorts.

Therefore, his passion for gambling has materialized by becoming a partner in a mega-resort with an annexed casino located in the tropical paradise of Antigua and Barbuda, for a total project of over 250 million dollars.

Before this, another entrepreneurial adventure of De Niro had gaming as a protagonist, with an essential investment in the Nobu Hotel in Manila, a structure which hosts, besides a spectacular luxury hotel, also a casino with 380 gaming tables and 1700 slot machines.

Mariah Carey

That of Carey seems to be more of a vice. Her staff has recently revealed that the singer is used to drinking a few more glasses and losing that healthy clarity from time to time. The team said that when the nightingale exceeds the alcohol limit, it is necessary to help her get dressed.

Other rumors, however, speak of a Mariah Carey who went so far as to pay an assistant to chew her chewing gum.

celebrity vices
celebrity vices: Ryan Gosling beauty fetishes as explored in GQ magazine.

Ryan Gosling

No one is exempt from Hollywood weirdness. In some circumstances, the well-known actor of “Drive” seems to pee sitting on the toilet and climbs the stairs on all fours. Among other indiscretions, stated by his assistants, it would appear that Gosling hates chest hair, so he relies on a beautician at least once a month.

Justin Timberlake

The obsession of the singer and actor is related to order: he demands that everything is under control, especially inside the refrigerator. Because of his intense manic fixations about hygiene, the sexy Hollywood star has the air conditioning filters replaced in every hotel he resides.

Paris Hilton

The young heiress has always been the subject of hot scoops and gossip out of the ordinary. News unglamorous towards the most disadvantaged people has always distinguished the Hilton that seems to have bathed in a tub of champagne worth $ 400,000. In addition, it came to light that the heiress stored her collection of handbags in the refrigerator to prevent them from deteriorating.