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Useful Buying Tips On How To Choose The Right Humidor

Choosing the Right Humidor
Choosing the Right Humidor Buying Tips: Why not enjoy the finer things in Life?
Choosing the Right Humidor
Choosing the Right Humidor Buying Tips: What to keep in mind.

Choosing the Right Humidor: What to keep in mind, from temperature control, lock, energy use, along with size and capacity. 

There have been many new inventions during the industrial revolution that changed our everyday lives. One of these inventions that we take for granted is the conservation and preservation of goods. Back in the day the only way you could get some of the goods was for them to be fresh. There were a few methods that could prolong the lifespan of meat for example by keeping it in salt. But these methods did not yield anywhere near results as did refrigeration.

Keeping your cigarettes, cigars, or cannabis (as long as it is legal where you live) in the fresh condition is very important. You can not just put them in a refrigerator and expect them to last because they are different. To keep them fresh and make them last longer, you need a humidor. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a good humidor for your precious pastime.

Why is a humidor important?

The tobacco or cannabis that you want to preserve has a certain amount of moisture in it. Without that moisture, it becomes easier to burn and that can have an effect on your smoking experience. If you wanted to refrigerate it, the moist would remain, but it would not be evenly distributed. The cooling of water, but also lipids, changes the structure of all these structures which is very unpleasant. Thus, your goods need to be stored in a space that is not too dry and too humid. Those conditions are perfectly met in a humidor.

Temperature control

Besides the humidity, it is also very important that the temperature is kept constant when storing your cigars. This can be easily achieved with electronic humidor that provide a constant room temperature that is optimal for cigars. The machine constantly checks the temperature and adjusts the level of humidity that is needed to keep your ciggies fresh.

Be on the lookout for this option when you are choosing a humidor. Some of the humidors might not have it so check it out. They might cost a bit more but that will pay off when you consider how much your cigars will be better and last longer.

Choosing the Right Humidor
Choosing the Right Humidor Buying Tips: Why not enjoy the finer things in Life?


Many humidors come with a lock and if you want one or not is up to you. If you have small kids it would be better to have a lock for safety reasons. The lock will not protect it from a good thief, you would be surprised how easy any lock can be picked. But, for keeping your tobacco out of the kids’ reach it does the job quite nicely. If you have older children then you should not worry about it to try and keep it out of their reach. You can catch them red-handed if they try to smoke some and there is no need to have trust issues about that.

Energy usage

The humidor requires a standard power source for it to function. So make sure that you have the right voltage in the area where the humidor will stand. Also, check how long the cable is so it can reach the power source. If you can find a humidor that runs on less energy, that is a big plus if you are into energy conservation and want to be greener.

Size and capacity

Humidors come in a variety of sizes and capacities and the one you need depends only on you. If you are just a beginner or do not smoke often, storage with the capacity of around 100 cigars will do you just fine. Another factor that you should think of would be if you want to show off your storage or want it to be more hidden.

There are options for humidors that can fit on your desk and be pretty sleek. Or, you can be even sneakier if you choose one that can fit in a drawer. The options are very big and you should be aware of that fact. If you want to show off a bit, there are many beautiful choices that can adhere to your style. The most popular choices would be the wooden ones as they give a warm feeling and come in many different colors. Also, no matter the humidor, it will bring a certain luxurious touch to the room.

Choosing the right humidor is not that hard as it can be seen here. You will need to think about it a bit with some of these points in your mind. But, it will be all worth it when your tobacco products are perfectly preserved and fresh at any time. Not only that but you will be pleased with the aesthetics that a nice humidor can bring into your environment.