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6 American Cities That You Have To See

6 American Cities to visit
6 American Cities to visit that will inspire and delight travellers.
6 American Cities to visit
6 U.S cities to visit that will inspire and delight travellers.

6 U.S cities to visit: Travel and activities to do in six different American metropolis capitals that will inspire and delight visitors. 

The United States is a vast country with all kinds of different landscapes, cities, and attractions. One minute you could be in the deserts of Nevada, while the next you could find yourself in the mountains of Colorado. The variety within this great country is what makes it such an awesome place to travel to and around.

With so much to choose from and so many places to see, how do you decide where in America to travel to? Whether you’re from the US or not, below, you will find a list of 6 of the best American cities that you simply have to see. These places will make for an amazing trip on their own. Alternatively, some of these could be merged into an awesome road trip. Read on to find out more.

New York City

It seems almost too obvious, yet it has to be mentioned first. People from all around the world know about New York City. It draws more than 70 million visitors per year, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in the entire world. 

In NYC, you’ll find everything from history to greenery to theatre, and everything in between! The handy Hellotickets what to do in NYC guide is an excellent way to plan your trip and grab some tickets for some of the most popular attractions. Whether you want to eat and drink your way through the city or enjoy some amazing culture, there’s everything here for you.

Los Angeles

A 5-hour flight east from NYC will drop you into the state of California. There are tens of amazing big cities in California, but LA takes the top spot. This city is vast – from the rolling hills to the metropolis downtown to the beaches of Venice, there’s something here for everyone.

6 U.S cities to visit
6 U.S cities to visit that will inspire and delight travellers.

Getting from one place to another in LA usually requires a car. Whether you’re in a taxi or driving yourself, be prepared for plenty of traffic! Otherwise, though, LA is absolutely amazing. Visit the Comedy Store or the Hollywood strip for a real taste of east coast cool.


Denver is often referred to as “mile-high city” due to the fact it is so high above sea level. This makes the air thin, while the mountains nearby make the weather very changeable. One day you could be basking in the sun, while the next you’re facing a snowstorm.

Denver has a lot to offer. There are more breweries here per person than anywhere else, so if you like your craft beers, it’s a top spot. Aside from this, there is the Red Rocks amphitheater and tons of sports teams. Downtown Denver is small enough to explore by scooter, on foot, or by taxi.


If you love music, Nashville is the place to be. The strip has scores of bars. Often, each bar has a band performing every single night, so you can always find some great music and great food to pair it with. The weather here tends to be pretty hot, so make sure you’re prepared to sit on a rooftop with a cocktail or a whiskey and watch the world go by.

New Orleans

New Orleans is a magical place. For starters, there’s the music scene. Jazz bars line the streets, where you can drink alcohol until late in the evening. There are plenty of outdoor drinking spaces here, unlike in many other major cities. 

On top of this, New Orleans is an incredible melting pot of culture. The mixed history of the city brings incredible history and truly delicious food. Gumbo, Po Boys, Jambalaya, and so many more awesome dishes find their origins in New Orleans. This is the place to go for some awesome soul food.

Las Vegas

Finally, you won’t have completed the Americas until you’ve hit Las Vegas. The famous ‘strip’ was built in the middle of the Nevada desert just 70 years ago. Since then, it has become the absolute number one spot for casinos and live shows in the whole country.

Each year, different artists hold residencies in Las Vegas, meaning you’re 100% certain of finding an incredible act to watch while visiting. On top of that, the casinos and hotel bars are often open 24/7, making Las Vegas a perfect spot for a group holiday. Be careful, it’s easy to spend a lot of money here!!

These six cities are just some of the finest cities that the US has to offer. When visiting them, you’ll find it easy to fill your days with activities. Make sure you plan and grab tickets in advance for any of the top attractions.