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8 Best Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions

Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions
Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions. Pictured, Seiko Presage Style 60s Collection.
Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions
Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions. Pictured, Seiko Presage Style 60s Collection.

8 Best Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions: What to look out for and what’s catching buyers and collectors new found interest. 

If you want a vintage-style timepiece, you will have to purchase an actual vintage watch. But this was back then. With the ever-evolving technology and techniques, people who wish to buy a vintage timepiece can now get a vintage-looking watch with all the benefits of modern tech and materials. Nowadays, many wristwatches go beyond mere vintage “inspiration” or “influence.” Watch enthusiasts and collectors can now enjoy time-tested designs with the advantages of modern technological advancement. 

Inspiration takes many forms. In the watch world, homage usually ends in carbon copies of vintage timepieces. Though, there are watch brands that have a unique take as one can find on watch users manuals. Vintage reissues and reintroductions are the dominant trends in recent times in the watchmaking industry, and here are some of the best.

1. Seiko Presage Style 60s Collection

The new Seiko Presage Style 60s wristwatch collection takes inspiration from the Crown Chronograph of the brand from 1964, which is both Seiko and Japan’s first chronograph timepiece. The company could have easily replicated this specific watch and relaunched it, but it chose to go another route. 

The design of the new watch series takes the general vibe behind the original but produces something distinctive and altogether more interesting. Its case sizing is impressive with its 40.8mm size, especially from Seiko that usually leans towards larger cases. The overall case profile is undoubtedly attractive, with the downward-angled lugs that hug the wrist when worn. And in terms of the dials, there are multiple choices to choose from, including an ivory dial with sparkling accents, a green variant, and a gold PVD case watch. 

Seiko opted for a fixed, thin bezel that is somewhat reminiscent of early Omega Seamaster 300s, giving the otherwise entirely dressy and formal a casual sportiness touch. Equipped with the Seiko in-house caliber 4R35, the watch assuredly gets the job done from a time-telling standpoint. On the other hand, the skeletonized variants of this watch series are powered by Seiko’s in-house caliber 4R39. 

Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions
Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions. Pictured, Timex-Q-1978-Reissue-5.

Overall, the improved designs of the reintroduced Seiko Presage Style 60s Watch Collection are impressive and interesting. With its vintage look aesthetics, combined with the benefits of modern technology, these wristwatches are to watch out for. 

2. Q Timex 1978 Reissue Day-Date

Many of the legendary and iconic watches of the last century have returned as modern, high-end timepieces in recent years. And affordable as always, Timex has continued to improve its Q collection of classic and timeless watches. This fact is one of the reasons why you should consider and include the brand in your cool retro-style watch brands list to look out for. 

Timex offers a refreshing break from the snobbish costly mechanical wristwatches while still providing impressive vintage-styled, reliable timepieces. Take the attractive vintage style of the latest dressy 1978 Q Timez Reissue Day-Date as an example.

3. Nivada Antarctic Spider

Nivada is among several watch brands to resurrect and reoffer timepieces produced in its namesake’s heyday. As a modern company, it entirely dedicates its work to such homages, such as the Antarctic collection. The Spider model that features radial lines and vertical indices that look like spider legs altogether, hence the name, is a recent addition. 

4. Tissot PRX

As a part of the neo-vintage trend among watchmakers, where they look at the nostalgia of decades, Tissot reintroduces a new design of its PRX model from the late 70s. This newly reissued design features the hallmarks of other quartz timepieces from the 80s era, such as its integrated bracelet design and sloping lugs. These features allow Tissot PRX to stand out among many reissues in the market. 

The latest version of PRX comes in quarts, just like the original, but has an attractive waffle-textured dial. You can also get it with an automatic movement if that is what you prefer. 

5. Timor Heritage Field

Similar to Nivada, Timor is a modern watch company that exists primarily to recreate its most renowned timepiece models of the past. This brand is among the 12 companies that manufactured one of the most iconic military wristwatches of all time, the W.W.W. for the British military during World War II. They are not the only company doing an homage to this watch design, but they seem to have amp theirs up by creating a refined modern product based on a decidedly pragmatic field timepiece.

6. Accutron Legacy

If you are a fan of the funky side of the mid-century watch designs, Accutron has an entire collection that will undoubtedly catch your attention. Its TV watch is an example as it represents several decades of space-age experiments that sometimes went a little far out. Hence, it is a bold move for a brand to reissue these obscurities, as they may not be enjoyed and popularized as the sports and dress watches. But it shows the genuine passion behind the products. 

7. Seiko Prospex 1959 Alpinist Recreation SJE085

Contrary to many assumptions, the renowned Seiko Alpinist is not the actual original design. This watch model was initially introduced in 1959 as the first sports watch of the brand. Relaunched in the 1990s, this version is where the latest one got its inspiration from. 

Like every watch of its era, it looks like a formal timepiece from a modern perspective but was popularly produced for Japanese mountain men. In its latest version, it lives among the luxury wristwatches of the Seiko Prospex collection. 

Zenith Chronomaster Original
Vintage Watch Reissues and Reintroductions. Pictured, Zenith Chronomaster Original.

8. Zenith Chronomaster Original

The legacy of the Zenith modern Chronomaster collection is the notable El Primero, where the movements and the timepieces of the same name lie. For a couple of years now, the company has been accurately reissuing historically dedicated versions of its first El Primero timepieces from 1969 down to the most intricate details. 

While Zenith has also added modern interpretations and touches to these designs, there are recreations of watches that are almost exactly the same as its original model. One example is the Chronomaster Original Reference A386. Purchasing this reference is the closest you can get to El Primero’s remarkable look without buying an actual vintage watch. 


As mentioned, inspirations take many forms. And with the modern reissues and reintroductions of vintage watches today, we now have a broader selection of classic, iconic timepieces to choose from. We can now enjoy both vintage aesthetics and the benefits of modern technology.