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A Variety of Email Deliverability Tests

Email Deliverability Tests for Successful Email Campaigns. Are you getting in front of your audience?
Email Deliverability Tests
Email Deliverability Tests for Successful Email Campaigns. Are you getting in front of your audience?

How email deliverability tests differ from each other and which one is the right one for you? How to optimize for successful email campaigns.  

Everyday one’s mailbox is filled with a variety of waiting incoming emails, some personal, many from business and commercial interests. Business owners try to do their best to reach high results in the email delivery process and attract prospective or established client’s attention, as they seek to develop an effective strategy getting through to potential news clients and leads. 

While you are likely receiving your own barrage of emails from across the board, you are also most likely the one also sending out a series of emails yourself – as you hope to capture new business and commercial opportunities- but the question remains, how does one choose a productive approach for interaction with your audience?

Helpful email spam testing is focused on gaining your potential clients’ mailboxes. This tool provides detailed analysis associated with your ID, domain’s state, sender’s reputation and problems that messages face with and email deliverability. 

If your email deliverability shows low rates and your emails go directly into spam folders, it is a bright signal you are losing not only financial investments, but also your potential client. 

But don’t worry! Nowadays there are numerous modern spam testing tools which provide high results in email deliverability and other rates and can turn your message delivery to unbelievably success. One innovative service is Folderly which is famous for its comprehensive and effective testing.

Successive Email Deliverability Test

Folderly is a digital platform that leads up a thorough analysis of your email marketing operations and develops the most competent approaches to boost your deliverability. Being at the email market for years, Folderly provides successful email deliverability tests which starts with auditing issues and ending with giving personal recommendations associated with improving your email deliverability. This innovative testing tool will provide your emails to be delivered up to 90%. Folderly guarantees that your messages will never end up in spam folders, but also, they will never be marked as blacklisted.  

Wider spectrum functions of deliverability tests 

  • Folderly provides a comprehensible audit of issues your messages facing with;
  • This mail testing tool if focused on increasing rated of how often their letters are opened;
  • Folderly`s deliverability tester provides you with a comprehensive audit of sender`s rates, performance, interaction with spam filters and even provides results of scanning of domain blacklist.
  • It doesn’t fix the problems your emails get through, but it highlights points you need to take care of in order to increase your email delivery rates. Besides, it identifies obstacles and gives you recommendations on how to increase various rates for improvement.  Folderly will help you to achieve success in email marketing.

Exploring advantages

Testing and auditing your email deliverability is defined as a probability of emails delivered directly to the inbox of receivers. Following this statement, we can note that the level of probability impacts the email marketing deliverability of your marketing campaign. We have to note that email deliverability is the pledge of improving your business process and boosting sales rates.

Good deliverability means not only that 95% percent of your emails are delivered directly to recipient`s inboxes, but also, that you don’t have any soft and hard bounces, email’s content that is transparent and clear and high rates of clicking and opening. Satisfactory level of email deliverability shows great results in generating business leads. 

Benefits of interacting with other tools and platforms in order to provide you with effective and thorough work for your email delivery include the following complementary programs:

Mail-Tester for running domain health 

Mail-Tester is a program which allows users to carry out a quick audit of how healthy their domains are. So, you’ll be able to solve problems caused by your domain’s having been blacklisted really quickly.

This instrument works in revealing your domain health status and highlighting what things should be taken care of. Domain health status is understood as knowing how many servers have blacklisted you as a sender. You only need to send your email to an address Mail Tester. After that, Mail-Tester makes a detailed domain analysis and you will find out all about how transparent and clear you are as a sender and domain owner.

How to boost email deliverability with Neverbounce 

Improving every detail in the email delivery process is a pledge of successful marketing campaigns. In the B2B word it is quite essential to have loyal and active audience lists. There are situations when in contact lists there are many addresses which are outdated, non-existent or inactive. If you don’t update your address lists, it can lead to failed email delivery. 

However, if you want to avoid it, we suggest you use Neverbounce, which is one of the most effective tools for improving contact lists. This application focuses on automatically sorting inactive, invalid, and suspicious emails which can negatively affect not only on your domain health, but it can also spoil your statistics and delivery rates.

Of course, to overcome it manually takes a lot of time and effort, but with the use of Neverbounce it will be quick and easy. However, after each automatic run check email deliverability copy by your own in order to ensure that any invalid address is verified. Besides, this instrument allows you to get lower than 5% bounce rate and prevents you from being marked by spam filters.