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Five of the Best Deals of 2021 Post COVID

Best Deals 2021
Best Deals 2021 Post COVID-21: where to find the best bargains?
Best Deals 2021
Best Deals 2021 Post COVID-21: where to find the best bargains? Pictured NYC where rental leases continue to go down (but for how long?).

Best Buying Deals of 2021: How COVID-19 changed prices on items as shopping and buying behaviors changed and what’s next as we move post COVID?

It may seem the cost of everything is on the rise. Even with rising costs on everything from travel to groceries, there are still many ways to get a good deal. Here are five of the best deals of 2021.

Fitness Equipment

During 2020, everyone was looking to get in shape at home. In fact, by early 2020 it was very difficult to find any sort of fitness equipment available for sale in stores. Those selling personal equipment had skyrocketed the prices because demand was so high.

Now that gyms are reopening, more and more people are selling the equipment they purchased at lower prices. There’s a lot you can find and pick-up to complete your home gym through private sale sites. At the same time, gym equipment manufacturers are offering deals on equipment you can purchase in stores, as much of the demand for at home equipment has been met.


If you’ve been using your gym equipment to get fit, you may be ready to show off your beach bod on a vacation, and a cruise may be the way to go. Even as travel costs rise, you can still get a great deal on a cruise. You just need to know where to look. Cruise sites are often the best place to go for deals on vacation packages.

A cruise to Mexico is a great option if you’re looking for a vacation that is inexpensive and fun for the whole family. Cruises offer entertainment for all ages, and typically have options like camps for kids, so mom and dad get some grownup time and kids get to have fun too.

There are so many other reasons cruises are a great deal aside from the initial price. Booking a cruise is essentially booking an all-inclusive vacation. You’re booking your hotel room, meals and entertainment all without any extra cost. Of course there are extraneous costs, like drink packages and offshore excursions, but you can still have a fantastic trip even without electing to add these packages on.

Pet Supplies

Aside from vacations, you can also save some money purchasing items for your furry friends. There are a lot of businesses trying to break into the big box pet food industry right now. For you, this means deep discounts on everything from pet food to pet medicine. It’s also a great time to look into pet insurance. More mainstream companies are offering it, and you may even be able to bundle it in with your car insurance. If your pet is young, signing onto a policy is relatively cheap as well.

Supply chains may be making things a little crazy and expensive right now, but there are still ways you can get a great deal if you’re looking at the right market.

Car Sales

If you own a relatively new car without a ton of miles on it, you are in the right market to make a great sale. There’s a used car shortage at the moment, which means a sale can make you some money. This is due to a number of factors, including hits to the rental car business as well as people hanging on to their cars for longer, since they haven’t been driving them as much.

No matter the reason, supply is down and demand is up. This means it’s a great time to make some money off of a used car sale. You should still be smart about making a deal though. It’s a lot of hassle to sell it outright, but this is a good way to make the most money. No matter how you sell, take the time to show that you’ve taken care of your car and plan to disclose or fix any damage that you’re aware of.

Apartment Rentals

Even though housing prices are skyrocketing, it’s still a great time to get a deal on an apartment rental. With people continuing to work from home, some who live in cities are likely to gravitate out of urban areas into homes in the suburbs. This means less demand for apartments in urban areas, which means lower prices if you do want to live in these areas.