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Supermodel Anne V collects $26K unemployment, files $8.5K child support from baby daddy

Anne Vyalitsyna child support
Anne Vyalitsyna child support. Pictured Anne V and 5 year old daughter, Alaska.
Anne Vyalitsyna child support
Anne Vyalitsyna child support: Pictured supermodel Anne V as she is best known. Image via social media.

Anne Vyalitsyna aka supermodel Anne V files petition against former partner, Adam Cahan seeking $8,500 in monthly child support as she claims dire financial circumstances. 

A former supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue, walked the runway for Versace, bared her body for Sports Illustrated, and dated celebrities has been brought to the brink as the single mother of one now claims she is struggling to make ends meet. 

Russian born, Anna Vyalitsyna, otherwise best known as Anne V, claims her income has plummeted as the pandemic wrought havoc in the fashion world according to a petition for child support she filed in a Manhattan court room against her millionaire former partner, tech executive, Adam Cahan, 49.

With modeling gigs, few and far between, the 35 year old 5ft’10 blonde stunner in her petition told of having collected unemployment for months — while saying she has barely able to cover expenses for her and her 5-year-old daughter, Alaska.  

‘Because of the pandemic I did not earn very much last year. While I had a total of 17 paying jobs in 2020, half of them did not pay. In the last six months, I have had only six jobs — working two times a month at most,’ the 35-year-old lamented in legal papers, noting more than $26,000 of her income last year was from unemployment.

In her petition, Vyalitsyna seeks $8,500 in monthly child support from multi-millionaire Cahan, while also noting in her petition that monthly expenses come up to $40,284 a month, funds that her former work horse partner had failed to come up with according to the nypost.

Anne Vyalitsyna child support
Anne Vyalitsyna aka supermodel Anne V and former partner Adam Cahan whom she has filed a petition against for child support.

‘I’m not really as poor as I like out to be …’  

Explained Anne V, ‘The fashion industry changed. … Most magazine covers aren’t models but young influencers, who are taking up a large piece of the pie. The girls of that era don’t have the same lucrative contracts. You used to want to do VS or SI, which were the holy grail.’

While being down and out, what counts for down and out, probably counts for flying high for the rest of us, with Anna V conceding in filed paperwork of owning a $2.9 million West Village apartment and having roughly $2.6 million in savings and investments. The model also mentions making $77,687 in income last year, a steep decline from the year where she made $431,000 in 2019. Tough work, if you can get it. But very unlikely with each year ticking by in a supermodel’s shelf life. And of course, Anna V does very much intend to get it – but this time from her baby’s daddy…

Cahan, whom Anne V met in 2014 and was engaged to before they split in December 2018, netted at least $25 million during his six years as senior VP for mobile and emerging products for Yahoo. The tech executive currently heads a start-up called Pax Labs, and ‘likely’ brings in $150,000 to $300,000 a month for his work on two corporate boards, the model claims.

Cahan also has a $9.95 million San Francisco home, a $4.9 million Malibu house, and owns a $5 million Banksy painting, Vyalitsnya stated in court papers.

Kids, are you feeling sorry for these two yet? Thought not…

Continued Anne V in her filing…

‘I want to note for the court that I have made every effort to resolve this matter with [Cahan] amicably,’ the supermodel stated in her petition. According to the supermodel, she and Cahan worked for a year to settle custody and child support issues but when it came time to formalize an agreement, her baby’s daddy did a silent act.

Anne Vyalitsyna child support
Anne Vyalitsyna child support. Pictured Anne V and 5 year old daughter, Alaska. Image via Instagram.

Baby daddy where are you? 

That said, it’s not all terribly bad, with Anna V conceding Cahan foots the bill for their daughter’s medical insurance, the child’s $59,800 annual tuition at the private Avenues: The World School in Manhattan; along with extracurriculars ‘that he thinks appropriate.’

Yes kids, life can get incredibly tough when you’re the face of the billboards and the titan of the tech world- ‘but money we will print and let it rain all over us’. 

That said, Anna V insists there are some dark clouds hovering about as Cahan allegedly doesn’t pay any base child support along with refusing to pay for child care. The model is also seeking sole legal and primary custody of their child, along with mandating baby daddy pay for their daughter’s summer camp, transportation to and from school, future college expenses, along with mommy’s $50,000 legal fees.

‘I must work, and I cannot do so without the assistance of a nanny,’ the supermodel explained.

Cahan to date has declined to respond to media overtures for comment. Can anyone guess why?