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Oklahoma stalker arrested abducting former co-worker, shooting her husband, leaving candy on doorstep

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis Tulsa OK
Justin Arthur-Ray Davis Tulsa Oklahoma wild kidnapping expedition
Justin Arthur-Ray Davis Tulsa OK
Pictured, Justin Arthur-Ray Davis Tulsa, Oklahoma man

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis tries to kidnap former co-worker, shooting her husband, leaving candy on doorstep after months long stalking and harassing campaign. 

A suspected stalker has been arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap his former co-worker after a month-long harassment campaign – along with shooting her husband through their front door during the abduction attempt at their Oklahoma home on Easter Good Friday.

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis, had been waiting outside the woman’s home in Tulsa, OK, on April 2 when he approached his victim as she left for work, police say.

Davis leapt out of his truck with a shotgun and ran towards the woman, who was being accompanied by her husband, prompting the unarmed couple who had observed the man sitting in the truck, to flee back into their apartment, according to a statement from the Tulsa Police Department.

Davis then shot through the door; only for a bullet to strike the husband in the hand, ABC 15 reported.

‘Davis shot through the door hitting the husband in the hand,’ authorities said. ‘Davis [then] went into the apartment and grabbed the victim dragging her down the stairs, assaulting her along the way.’

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis Tulsa OK
Pictured outside, the couple’s gated apartment complex where Justin Arthur-Ray Davis attacked his former co-worker and her husband.

‘choke and punch the victim.’

A neighbor heard the commotion and called the police after she saw the suspect ‘choke and punch the victim.’

‘The husband then came back downstairs to save her and Davis [pointed] the shotgun at him saying he will kill him if she doesn’t get in the truck,’ Tulsa Police Department (TPD) said.

A chase ensued afterward, as Davis allegedly sped away from the scene with the victim. He ultimately crashed his truck while trying to take an off-ramp exit. Authorities quickly detained him.

The victim, who was found inside the truck, was rescued while the suspect, who was speeding over 100 mph during the chase, was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

Suspect previously left candy and food on victim’s doorstep

Authorities said Davis had previously worked with the victim but had left the job months ago. After he left the job, he continued to harass her, which ultimately led the victim to obtain a restraining order against Davis, police said.

‘Davis has been stalking the victim for over a month after he resigned at their mutual workplace,’ TPD said. ‘She has made reports of Davis sitting outside her apartment and leaving candy and food on her doorstep.’

According to Tulsa County jail records, Davis has been charged with: burglary, kidnapping, assault & battery with a deadly weapon, eluding, pointing a deadly weapon with intent along with stalking.

As of Monday, Davis remains behind bars at the Tulsa County jail on a $300,000 bond.