Home Pop Culture Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions a Scam?

Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions a Scam?

Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions safe?
Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions safe?
Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions safe?

Are US Online Casinos with offshore jurisdictions safe? How to check if a gaming site is licensed by worldwide known regulation bodies to guarantee the safety of players. 

When it comes to the gambling industry, there are two types of casinos. That is, regular casinos and offshore casinos. Why exactly are US online casinos licensed and regulated in offshore gaming jurisdictions? In this article, we aim to clarify if any scams are surrounding these offshore jurisdictions.

What are offshore online casinos?

Offshore online casinos are gambling sites that operate from different countries other than their own. Since many gambling sites prefer to set up their operations in countries with favorable gambling regulations, there are high chances that the gambling site you choose to play with has their operations based in an outside country from your home region. This is why they are known as ‘offshore casinos’.

Many US online casinos have offshore jurisdictions as a way of improving the safety and quality of online gambling for their clients. Since these offshore online gambling sites are not based in the US, they can’t be subjected to any anti-gambling legislation. However, they get subjected to gambling laws imposed by the jurisdiction in which they are based in and licensed.

Playing in offshore online casinos is highly recommended as many gambling laws globally don’t punish or ban players easily. Offshore online gambling sites are highly recommendable as they take care of many audiences because of its design.

Are US online casinos with offshore jurisdictions safe?

If an online casino is offshore, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe or legitimate. It only means that the casino is based physically in another country. For offshore casinos to be legitimate, they have to be audited, licensed, regulated, and stick to online gambling laws despite their location if they want to be successful. Offshore online gambling sites also have to go through this process for them to get recommendations from review sites such as BettingPlanet.

US online gambling sites are also subject to gambling laws and regulations acceptable in the country they are based in like any other trusted online casino sites. Most US offshore gambling sites are based in countries with advanced gaming experience and offer licenses to online casinos to offer their services globally in a legal manner.

For instance, if US online casinos wish to have offshore casinos in the UK, groups such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission will act as regulators. In that they will perform thorough background checks, general check-ups and regular audits to make sure that these US online gambling sites are following their home country’s online gambling regulations.

It is worth noting that offshore online casinos that the US utilizes offer tested and regulated casino games as the US may not be having local gaming commissions that safeguard its interests. Many online gambling casinos are shady as they scam players from these ‘grey markets’. Therefore, the US uses offshore online casinos that are licensed by worldwide known regulation bodies to guarantee the safety of players. For a great gambling experience, these are the US online casinos offering No Deposit online Casinos for US Players.

How do you check for offshore casinos’ licensing

Offshore online casinos that are legitimate will always show their ‘seal of approval’ or documentation at the bottom of its homepage together with any other relevant licenses. They do this so that players can verify their popularity to be trustworthy and safe betting sites for games such as blackjack, poker, online slots and roulette, among many more. Many US online casinos with offshore jurisdictions have to go through these thorough conditions and checks to get the necessary legitimate licenses. This is done to offer players the best gambling experience. We can note that the US online gambling sites with offshore jurisdictions are safe for players.

What to look out in offshore online casinos

Always be sure to verify the offshore-based online gambling site that you choose to play with is located in the foreign country it is licensed in. Be sure to double-check its licensing documentation and check whether it is secure. If the sites offer worldwide trusted deposits and withdrawal options like Mastercard, Bitcoin, Paysafecard and Skrill, they are not a scam.