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4 Inspirational Ideas to Stop Smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking
4 Ways to Quit Smoking: Techniques that will help you give up smoking
Ways to Quit Smoking
4 Ways to Quit Smoking: Techniques that will help you give up smoking

4 Ways to Quit Smoking: From Cognitive Behavioral Smoking Cessation Treatment, Nicotine Pods & Pouches, Hypnotherapy & Acupuncture, Taking Vitamin B & C.

There can be no denying that smoking is bad for you. Linked to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung disease, every puff of a cigarette is a day or two off your life. Smoking is expensive and antisocial, and few will want to kiss you after you light up.

Kicking the habit is difficult, and no matter how well-intentioned you are or how motivated you are to give up.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into inspirational ideas to stop smoking.

Cognitive Behavioral Smoking Cessation Treatment with Components of Behavioral Activation (SCBSCT-BA)

A lot of research has gone into talking therapies such as SCBSCT-BA. The idea is that by talking with a qualified person changes negative habits. This is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Giving up smoking is not just a physical addiction but also a psychological one. Some who try to give up often experience depression and anxiety. CBT, to some extent, offers a talking therapy and helps people cope with withdrawals.

Researchers in 2019 using the SCBSCT-BA method saw some success. The control group were more likely to stop smoking for a period up to 12 months, and the depression rates were lower.

Nicotine Pods and Pouches

Nicotine pouches offer another way to stop smoking and to avoid the anxiety and depression that inevitably creep into the giving up process. Nicotine is the substance the body craves and keeps you lighting up a cigarette.

Instead of smoking, you can give your body what it desires using Nicotine pouches, the modern way of using nicotine. As well as avoiding many of the toxins of smoking, nicotine pouches or pods are not as antisocial or bring the odors of cigarettes.

Many use this substitute to help start their journey into kicking the habit.

Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture

Although the research is both patchy and arguably there simply is not enough research conducted, some have seen success using these methods to stop smoking. If you go down these routes, it is best practice to find a professional to administer the therapies.

If you’re a person who likes the idea of alternative therapies when it comes to health, you may want to give this a try.

Take Vitamin B and C

Although strictly not a quit smoking therapy, research suggests that by topping up these two vitamins may increase your chances of quitting.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that may help protect the lungs from stress and damage that smoking causes. At the same time, vitamin B is known as the anti-stress vitamin that may help balance your mood while going through the rigors of withdrawal.

It is a known fact that smoking lowers vitamin B and C, so at least in theory, by boosting your levels either through food or supplements, you will be offsetting the stress when you try to stop smoking.

Stopping smoking is hard, but it is not impossible. There is plenty of literature around to help, and maybe through taking it day by day and using aids such as nicotine pouches, you can stop smoking forever.