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Top 6 Problems Every Golfer Will Understand

Golf Player Problems
Golf Player Problems and Challenges: Never mind the awful weather, is your partner up to par?
Golf Player Problems
Golf Player Problems and what to do about them?

Golf Player Problems and what to do about them? Issues & challenges all players are forced to reckon with: the hole itself, right golfing set, golfing shoes, golfing partner & bad weather. 

Playing golf is the perfect way to while away for a few hours. Playing a round of gold whether 9 or 18 holes is a relaxing pastime, and ideal for a laid-back weekend, but it’s not always the relaxed game portrayed, some setbacks and frustrations can come as a result of several factors from poor lighting, to so-so clubs. Looking at golfing what are the 7 most common issues and problems that can turn even the calmest of golfers into a raging bull? 

    1. Getting That Hole Easier And Quicker

If you have your own caddy then you will not have to worry so much about this, as caddies can tell you where to aim, and at what force or speed is necessary to get the ball in the hole with as little effort as possible, but if you are not fortunate enough to have a caddy then you will know the frustrations of not being to make that hole.

To alleviate these problems and failed swings, you need a GPS. When looking for a GPS for golf, there are lots of things you need to consider, from the accuracy with yardage data and distance to size and ease of use. Before you conduct even more research, you need to decide what price range, or price bracket you are looking at. Narrowing down initial choices based on price will help save you time and effort and make the whole process a lot quicker

A misjudgment of anything from the angle, to the wind or even the speed, can send your shot way off course and leave it further away than you wanted it to be, possibly in a worse position than when you started the shot. Frustration within the game is not necessary when you have the correct equipment.

   2. The Wrong Set

Whether you are a novice or longtime player of golf, you will know how the wrong club or set can make a difference to any game you play. If you are using a clunky set your whole game will be off. Similarly, if you are using a club or set that is too heavy or light you will struggle to reach the distances or holes you are aiming for. So, never underestimate how important it is to have the right clubs and sticks for the task at hand.

   3. The Correct Golf Shoes

Comfort and style often don’t go hand in hand. When you are choosing new golf shoes you have to go for a pair that are comfortable to wear both in the short term, and long term. Some types of shoes are harder than others and may take longer to get used to, but they may be beneficial to how you play and your game overall. Consider what type of base and sole you want – do you want a spiked sole, or are you looking for a smoother finish. Getting shoes that fit well, that are light, and easy to move in will ultimately help make any round you play more enjoyable.

   4. Golf Balls and Ball Marks

Not using the right balls can affect your game. Not all balls are created and made equally. For example, some have a better spin on them, some are brighter and some can be even lighter than others. So, you have to decide which type of ball you want and if you get a choice (depending on club rules) what color you would like, as balls come in a wide variety of colors that are easy to spot including orange and pink.

Golf Player Problems
Golf Player Problems and Challenges: Never mind the awful weather, is your partner up to par?

   5. Bad Weather – It Can Let You Down

You can be having the best round ever and then the weather changes and so too does your game. Just a slight breeze can affect how you play and so weather can be a major problem, especially when you are playing 18 holes. You can try to be prepared for the weather by carrying an umbrella for those wintry games, but ultimately you are at the mercy of mother nature. Try to deal with the situation as best as you can, or you find bad weather will ruin your whole game.

   6. A Rubbish Partner

When playing with someone else, it can be very frustrating, especially if they are not on par with your skill level. The ability of any partner you take on the golf course has to be similar to yourself and not worse, or you will find yourself getting irritated, bored, and frustrated. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, if a partner is a lot better than you then you may become too competitive trying to win, and in the process fail to enjoy the game.

Golf can be played in a few hours, or it can take all day, so to make it as enjoyable as possible, it is necessary to plan and prepare. From your shoes and clothing to your balls and partner. Plan as much in advance to get the most out of your game. Just remember that you can never be certain what the weather will bring so try and enjoy it no matter what the weather.