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Cool Playing Card Tricks That Might Interest You

Deck of Card Tricks during downtime
Deck of Card Tricks that are easy to learn during downtime with practice.
Deck of Card Tricks during downtime
Deck of Card Tricks that are easy to learn during downtime

Deck of Card Tricks that are easy to learn and certain to wow your audience. From the Disappearing Card Trick & The Six And Nine Trick. Finessing illusion during downtime. 

In the past year, people in quarantine have had time to learn new things at home. Most have experimented in the kitchen with cooking and baking, some have taken up new fitness routines like pole dancing and yoga, and some people have even started doing things they wish they did when they were younger, like roller skating or skateboarding.

We now have all the time in the world. A very important lesson we’ve learned in 2020 is that life is truly short, so do the things that you want to do now. I’ve always been fascinated by magic, and card tricks have always been my favorite. So I picked up a deck of cards and started learning tricks myself!

Are Card Magic Tricks Easy To Learn?

Well, yes and no. While the technique involved is relatively simple,  practicing the skill to perform it flawlessly takes a lot of time and patience. Well, time is what we have these days, so all we need now is an ample supply of patience and a deck of cards. Let me share with you a couple of simple card tricks that you can enjoy learning.

Card Tricks You Can Easily Learn

Disappearing Card Trick

The Magic: The magician takes the top card off the deck and tells the spectator that he will make the card disappear by rubbing it into the table. At first, it didn’t work. But when he does it the second time, the card disappears into the table!

The Trick: As explained by illusionist Oscar Owen, this simple trick can be done easily with lots of practice. With your dominant hand, cup the deck of cards in your palm and place the top card on the edge on top of the deck and secure it with your dominant thumb. Then with that thumb, practice sliding it smoothly back onto the deck. Now when you take your other hand on top of that card during the trick, it will seem that you are taking the top card and rubbing it into the table. With your dominant hand holding the deck, discreetly slide the top card back as you flip the whole deck upside down to create the illusion.

The Six And Nine Trick

The Magic: The magician fans the deck of cards and takes two random cards out of the deck, a black six and a black nine. He shows the spectator the cards, then as he separately puts them back somewhere in the middle of the deck, he estimates the placement of the cards, like 21st and 36th. He then throws the deck into his other hand, magically leaving behind the two chosen cards.

The Trick: Famous YouTuber Chris Ramsey revealed how this trick works in one of his videos. The deception lies in the specific cards you supposedly choose at “random”. The black 6 and 9, clubs and spades, are difficult to remember or tell apart when quickly shown to spectators.

Before performing the trick, pick the two black 6s and two black 9s out of the deck. Place one set of 6 & 9 (of different suits) on the top and bottom of the deck, and place the other 2 remaining cards somewhere in the middle. Proceed by telling the spectator you will choose two random cards out of the deck, pick out the 6 & 9 from the middle of the deck. Tell the spectator that you now have the BLACK 6 & 9, do not mention the suits. Show them the two cards while continuously shuffling them on top of each other, this makes sure that your audience doesn’t remember the specific suits of the cards.

Facedown, return the cards into the deck while pretending to estimate the specific placements of the cards. Now for the skill. Using the hand holding the deck, with your thumb on top and the four other fingers in the bottom, pinch the deck and quickly throw the rest of the deck into your other hand, leaving behind the top and bottom cards, the black 6 and 9. 

Deck of Card Tricks during downtime
Deck of Card Tricks that are easy to learn during downtime with practice.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

As I said, these tricks are quite simple but don’t get frustrated when you don’t get it the first time. The skills required to perform them take a lot of time and practice. A tip is to film yourself as you practice so you can watch yourself after and see which parts you need to work on. Try not to show anybody the trick prematurely, this will limit the number of audiences you can potentially dazzle once you’re ready to show off your new tricks!