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Lip Injections is 5 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments in NYC

Most Popular Cosmetic Treatment
Most Popular Cosmetic Treatment in NYC- pictured the botox.
Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments
Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments n NYC- pictured the botox.

Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments in NYC? A rundown of the 5 most sought after cosmetic treatments in NYC- how they work, what they promise and do they deliver? 

Thinking about giving your appearance a little refresher? Everyone needs it from time to time and there’s no shame in admitting that. With all that’s going on all over the world, it’s easy to get bogged down by stress and constant worry of what’s going to happen next. And this uneasiness is translated into how your face looks.

And then one day you look in the mirror and what you see is not exactly the happiest of sights. After months of hard work and few to now breaks, your face really looks the part. 

But that is why at Skinly Aesthetics there are all kinds of facial rejuvenation, enhancements, and lip injections for you to try out. They are there to freshen you up and get you back in the shape that says you’re ready for anything.

Five of these treatments are especially popular in NYC. And each one for their own specific reason.

  1. Botox

This one needs very little introduction. Since its FDA approval in the early 2000s, Botox has risen to the top of the beauty industry. It’s come a long way since its medical use for muscle spasm and joint pain treatments. And while those applications are still just as amazing, there’s even more that Botox accomplishes in the world of cosmetic procedures.

Very few treatments can get you the same amazing results that a few injections of Botox can bring out. Thanks to the intricate and careful use of the botulinum toxin (Botox), practitioners are able to smooth out wrinkles, make the skin smoother and bring a whole new vibrant aura to the face. 

Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments
Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments in NYC: Dermal Fillers.

It’s really hard to explain the details of the results. You can instead find them on cosmetic clinics’ official websites, like Skinly Aesthetics’, who have detailed imagery of their work which will tell you exactly what to expect from Botox.

But what we can explain is how it works. There are muscles under your face which constantly contract on their own. These contractions lead to wrinkles, trenches and other quite visible age marks on the surface of your skin. What the Botox compound does is temporarily numb these muscles and stop the contractions, allowing the skin to smooth out by itself, getting rid of those static wrinkles that make your face look tired.

   2. Dermal Fillers

Fillers are one of the most versatile compounds in the hands of modern cosmetic practitioners. There’s a lot you can do with them and they work miraculously.

When injected into certain areas of the face, they can lift the skin up and pull it tight. Once the skin is tight enough, the wrinkles are smoothed out and your face regains its volume. You’ll start to see those beautiful contours and edges that your face had before the saggy skin. More pronounced cheekbones, a straight jawline, a smooth chin. Volume restoration especially works wonders on the upper half of the face. 

Fillers can also be used to accomplish more specific tasks, like get rid of those annoying bags under the eyes, or smooth out crow’s feet. There are many other uses for dermal fillers when it comes to rejuvenating the face and to learn more about them, you’ll have to speak with your local practitioner. 

   3. Microneedling

While this treatment isn’t specifically meant for smoothing out wrinkles or stretching out skin, it’s still able to restore a lot of freshness to the face.

Whenever your skin is damaged and the cells have to go, they’re replaced with fresh new ones. Once the new cells are produced, they form a fresh new layer of skin, which is visibly smoother, also very soft and supple to the touch. So, the question here is: how would one be able to control this skin regeneration, to the point where they could artificially stimulate it into creating new skin cells to make the surface smooth and soft?

PDO Thread Lift
Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments in NYC: PDO Thread Lift.

With the microneedling tool. This specialized needle gun pokes hundreds of tiny holes in the surface of your skin. These are just deep enough that your skin will be stimulated into filling them in with new cells, but not to the point where your body is harmed. Once the new skin cells arrive, you’ll feel just how smooth and fresh it is. And best of all: no compounds or injections required. Your skin does everything by itself.

   4. Lip Injections

There’s not much you can say about lip fillers, other than just how popular they’ve been in recent years. Thin lips can be just as aesthetically pleasing, but plump ones are so expressive and enchanting. 

Obviously, this doesn’t mean thin lips lack in any way, but with how trendy big lips are nowadays, you can’t really blame people for wanting them. There are a variety of ways you can get lip enlargements, but filler based lip injections in New York City have seen the best results. 

Not only do they look visibly bigger, but they don’t sacrifice their natural beauty or authenticity in the process. If you wish to have bigger lips, but don’t want them to stand out as fake or artificial, lip fillers are an easy answer for you.

   5. PDO Thread Lift

These special PDO threads are inserted under your skin using a special tool. Once inside, the threads, using their microscopic hooks, are secured into place, where they lift up the skin. Once tightened, it smooths out wrinkles and age marks, making the skin a lot more vibrant and younger in appearance.

And what’s even better about PDO thread lifts, is how long they last. Even after the thread itself is dissolved it boosts collagen formation under the skin, which then replaces the thread and continues to keep your face tight even after it’s completely gone. This makes the PDO thread lift a long-lasting solution, with very few side-effects, a quick procedure and super short recovery time.