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South Park Guy Warcraft cosplayer dead at 40 battling COVID-19

Jarod Nandin COVID death
South Park Guy Cosplayer Dead Jarod Nandin
Jarod Nandin COVID death
Jarod Nandin COVID death. Pictured, South Park Guy Warcraft cosplayer gamer.

Jarod Nandin dead: ‘South Park Guy’ Warcraft cosplayer dies aged 40 battling COVID-19 after contracting virus in December. Gamer remembered. 

‘South Park Guy’ cosplayer Jarod Nandin has died at age 40 after contracting coronavirus according to a report.

The World Of Warcraft information website, Wowhead, released news of Nandin’s death on Sunday.

Nandin announced he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 after going to the ER for chest pains in mid-December. 

Despite the prognosis, Nandin remained upbeat in his posts updating fans on his health condition.

‘I tested positive for covid. I’m really sorry to worry you guys. I’m in the hospital getting treatment. Things look good. Im just looking at Covid with a s**t eating grin on my face and saying:’How do you Kill that which…has no Life?” he posted on Facebook.

Even as complications arose, he stayed optimistic.

‘Breathing complications arose. Treatment plan reevaluated. Working on it. Doing okay. #covid recovery,’ he tweeted.

The last update Nandin, also known as NWBZPWNR, posted to Twitter about his health was on December 28, 2020.

‘Breathing issues still a problem. Oxygen saturation levels keep dropping below 90. They are trying to figure things out. Waiting to know more.’

Jarod Nandin COVID death
Jarod Nandin death: South Park Guy Cosplayer Dead

Gamer adored: Life imitating art

News of Nandin’s led to fans taking to social media to remember the gamer who rose to fame dressing up as the slovenly World Of Warcraft player from South Park at BlizzCon 2013.

Nandin was a dead ringer for the cartoon character as he stood on stage (see above) with a shaved head and messy desk full of Red Bull cans.

The character originated from the 2006 South Park episode Make Love, Not Warcraft, which saw the boys battling a high-ranking World Of Warcraft player operated by the sloppy man. 

‘I cried all night yesterday’

Posted one commentator, @magicMarionette: ‘Soooo sad to hear of Jarod’s passing:(. I feel like I just was messaging with him and now he’s gone. Damn you Covid. He was seriously the nicest & sweetest guy. We met thru cosplay & bonded over our love and eventual loss of our fathers. You will very much missed Monty….I will miss our chats,’ steampunk_gadget posted on Instagram, along with a throwback photo of themselves.

‘I’m exhausted. I cried all night yesterday and I finally woke up. I still can’t believe this is real… Yesterday the world lost a beautiful soul. A friend and a brother to me. @JarodNWBZPWNR passed away from COVID,‘