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How to disassemble a furniture item when moving?

Disassembling furniture items when moving
Disassembling furniture items when moving. Stock image.
Disassembling furniture items when moving
Disassembling furniture items when moving. Stock image.

Disassembling furniture items when moving: a checklist guide for efficient organizing when moving to a new home or space. What you might not be aware of.

When moving from one home to another, one of the most daunting tasks is to transport heavy furniture items. The bed frames, cabinets, and the large TV cabinets make the entire moving a complicated task. They are both heavy and bulky making it very complex to ship these to the new place. Shipping furniture pieces, especially moving long distance, is not only difficult but also very expensive. 

Now, you should know these three ways to ship the items. And these are

  1. Get rid of the furniture items that you would not use in the future
  2. You should put your efforts in finding a low-cost moving company which gives good services
  3. Try to pack all the items that you can pack on your own

As moving is such an expensive event of life that requires lots of your money, then these tips will help you to save money. You can also save cash by dissembling large and bulky items on your own. Check out this guide on dissembling your bulky and heavy furniture items. 

    1. Select the pieces you really want to move

Before you start the dissembling task, you should know which furniture items you really want to move. You should have a specified purpose for every item that you want to ship to your new home. To decide it effectively, you should visit each room and then look to make an inventory of the furniture items. 

If they are in good condition and can handle the move then consider taking these with you, else you need to get rid of those items which can’t even bear the transportation wear and tear. Remember that moving the furniture items is not cheap at all and every selected item that you want to move with you will increase the cost of the move. Therefore selling, gifting, donating, and throwing items away is a great option. 

Also, consider the measurements of your new home and then consider whether these items are suitable to move or the new home won’t be able to accommodate these items. 

    2. Gather the right tools to disassemble

You will require numerous tools for the job. Gather all the tools at once else you have to search for a tool to open any screw or to do anything. If you collect all the tools before the start of the process then you will be able to spend more time dissembling the items. You should always have a screwdriver with multiple heads in your tool kit which will make the entire dissembling task easier and efficient. 

    3. Always read the instructions carefully

It is a great idea to read the instructions carefully at first. You will easily get the instructions online to disassemble the different furniture items according to their type and model. By reading the instructions well, you will also get to know the tools that you will require. 

    4. Click the picture of the item before dissembling

It is recommended you take the picture of the items before dissembling them, it will help you when you will assemble the items again. Whenever you will get confused in the assembly of items then you can check out the pictures, this will help in the assembly of the items. 

Disassembling furniture items when moving
Disassembling furniture items when moving. Now might be the time to collect on that favor from a friend…

    5. Ask a friend to get help

Dissembling furniture items is not an easy task therefore if one of your friends could help you then it is just the right time to take the help from him/her. There is a certain dissemble task that requires two pairs of hands and then getting help from your friend will make the entire task efficient. If there is no friend or family member to get help then you can also take help from a professional

Tip: keep all the parts of a furniture item together

When you are successful in dissembling a furniture item, make sure you keep all the parts of the furniture item together so that when you assemble these at the new home then you would not face any confusion or big problems. 

Reasons why do dissemble before moving!!!

You might question why you should disassemble the furniture items. Yes, it helps you to transport your items safely. Check out these benefits: 

Minimizing the large spaces: When you have to move the items in less space because you have to pay higher for the large space then this is just the best way to reduce the cost of moving the furniture items. 

Separating the weight: Usually, all the furniture items are heavier in weight, and handling these become really difficult and daunting. By separating the weight in the different boxes, handling of these items and then shipping will become easier. 

Bottom line

Use the above-given tips to disassemble the items in an easier way. If you want to disassemble the furniture items quickly, easily, and more efficiently then you can take help from the professional movers. The furniture movers have full knowledge and experience in safely disassembling your valuable furniture and ensure a safe and damage-free move.