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Lock Haven Pa aunt tortures kills 9 year old nephew – leaves him for dead

Jamie Lynne Jackson Lock Haven Pa woman
Pictured, Jamie Lynne Jackson Lock Haven Pennsylvania woman
Jamie Lynne Jackson Lock Haven Pa woman
Pictured, Jamie Lynne Jackson Lock Haven Pennsylvania woman. Image via police bookings.

Jamie Lynne Jackson Lock Haven Pennsylvania woman accused of torturing and killing 9 year old nephew, Anson Landon Mitchell Stover in gross case of child abuse. 

‘Stop faking it’ – these are the words a Pennsylvania woman used upon coming across the body of her dead 9 year old nephew as he lay unresponsive in a bathtub over the course of one to two days. 

Jamie Lynne Jackson, 36, of Lock Haven upon her arrest earlier this week was charged with felony charges, including; homicide, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, concealing the death of a child, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse involving 9 year old boy, Anson Landon Mitchell Stover.

Local reports told of Jackson being arrested following the discovery of the woman’s 9 year old nephew’s lifeless body in a bathtub, with authorities saying the woman is responsible for administering a series of shocking torture and abuse against the boy, including burning the boy’s private parts with cigarettes.

Jackson who is described as being the victim’s aunt — was observed by a relative, ‘frantically shampooing carpets and cleaning her nine-year-old nephew’s room,’ leading to police responding to Jackson’s home in search of her nephew. 

The boy was found dead with unknown substances coming out of his mouth and a tape around his neck. Jackson had legal custody of Stover and his three siblings since 2017, according to a Patriot-News report. She also has two biological children. All the children in the home were younger than 12. Some of them were present in the house when the incident took place. 

‘Stop faking it!’

Jackson adopted Anson after his own mother (Jackson’s sister) passed away three years ago. In addition to Anson, she was ‘caring’ for five other children.

According to the police, the deceased child was found fully clothed in the bathtub. Jackson told police that she believed Stover died in the tub because he did not get out. Apparently, the suspect washed and clothed him before putting him in an upstairs bathtub. He stayed inside the bathtub for 24 to 48 hours while she cleaned, slept and cared for the other children in the home.

Jackson said she checked on the boy multiple times in the bathtub and told him to ‘stop faking it’. She also claimed that she had asked the boy if he wanted pizza but he didn’t respond. The suspect admitted that there were ongoing issues with the boy urinating and defecating in different areas of the home.

Stover had extensive injuries consistent with repeated child abuse — including injuries to his head, neck, torso, arms, legs and pelvic area, an autopsy report revealed. The child also had injuries to both eyes, bleeding in the brain and blood in his spinal fluid. There were also bruises and marks on his anus and private areas, due to cigarette burns. There were abrasions throughout his body.

Upon Jackson being questioned about how the child sustained so many injuries, the aunt had no answers. 

‘It’s terrible,’ neighbor Linda Mauck told ABC 16. ‘I never thought anything like that would happen here, but I guess it does.’

‘As a mother, I can’t comprehend anybody even though I’ve been through it I can’t comprehend anybody doing that to their kids,’ neighbor Amber Pena told Fox 56. ‘I do think there should be justice, but I also hope that maybe she’ll learn from it too because kids deserve their parents, they deserve somebody that they can feel safe and go to.’

After her arrest, Jackson was transported to the Clinton County Correctional Facility. She was arraigned in front of a Magisterial District Judge on Wednesday, December 2. The woman remains held without bail.