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Chicago woman sneaks on flight without ticket to see Jay-Z

Yaazmina Payton Chicago
Pictured, Yaazmina Payton Chicago of
Yaazmina Payton Chicago
Pictured, Yaazmina Payton Chicago woman. Image via police bookings.

Yaazmina Payton Chicago woman busted illegally boarding plane without ticket at O’Hare airport – cause she wanted to see Jay-Z in concert in Los Angeles.

Because some of us have fans that will do anything to come and see us …

A Chicago woman has caused disconcert after managing to evade several layers of security to board a plane at O’Hare International Airport in a bid to fly to Los Angeles to see rapper Jay-Z, prosecutors said.

Yaazmina Payton, 23, was arrested at the Chicago airport just on 8am Sunday morning after she was identified as the woman who ‘boarded an airplane without proper documentation,’ according to abc7chicago citing police.

Payton — who couldn’t provide a ticket or a boarding pass for the flight and who was arrested ‘without incident’ was charged with a felony count of criminal trespass at an airport and a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to a vehicle.

Prosecutors said Payton who had hoped to travel without purchasing a ticket was caught ducking under ropes at a Terminal 3 boarding door near the ticket gate of an American Airlines flight destined for Los Angeles when someone alerted a ticket agent, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Yaazmina Payton Chicago
Pictured, Yaazmina Payton Chicago woman of Marquette Park. Image via Facebook.

Suffering from PTSD & anxiety disorder

During questioning, Payton told investigators she pushed past a gate into a secure area at the airport while Transportation Security Administration officers were distracted.

Payton, of Chicago’s Marquette Park section, has PTSD and anxiety disorder, her court-appointed attorney told a judge during a Monday hearing.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jocelyn Schieve said that Payton also confessed making her way past another security checkpoint where she claimed attempting to make her way to Los Angeles to see Jay-Z.

Reports told of Payton being ‘successfully screened’ by agents before she entered a secure area at O’Hare.

‘The safety and security of all travelers are our top priority,’ airport spokesman Sonny Lorrius said in a statement via the nypost.

Payton has since been released on $500 bail and banned from returning to O’Hare.  

The woman is scheduled to appear again in court on November 16.

No word from Jay-Z to date.