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NYC Fight Club: Underground world of lawless fighting.

NYC Fight Club: Underground world of lawless fighting.
NYC Fight Club: Underground world of lawless fighting.
NYC Fight Club: Underground world of lawless fighting.
NYC Fight Club: Underground world of lawless fighting. Pictured, Cyrano de Bulgerac.

Underground world of lawless fighting. A modern day Fight Club taking place in hidden quarters in NYC. What brings fighters together? 

You probably don’t know about this, but deep in the city there is an underground bastion that has been gaining ground and with ferocious tenacity. It’s called ‘lawless fighting.’ What is it? Part savagery, part bravery, part malice, part ego and a whole lot of money quickly changing hands. Illegal? You better believe it. Dangerous and perhaps the sudden come on for unbridled men who are looking for an outlet to knock each other out silly. Call it the modern day ‘Fight club,’ call it what you will, but one thing for sure is it’s happening in hidden quarters right here, right now in New York City…

On conditions of strict confidence and discretion Scallywag and Vagabond caught up with Cyrano de Bulgerac as he likes to call himself who allowed us a candid and exclusive interview and foray into the sudden and very dangerous sport of ‘lawless fighting.’

SCV: Tell me what is underground fighting? What’s the agenda? Is this a new way of defining masculinity?

CDB: No man, this is strictly about money!

SCV: Money? What does that mean? Nothing about honor?

NYC Fight Club
NYC Fight Club. Pictured, Brad Pitt in Fight Club the movie.

CDB: It’s about people who want to beat the hell out of each other for money. There’s like 15 random people in a basement sizing each other up and there’s lots of money changing hands.

SCV: How much money?

CDB: I can’t say. But I can tell you I’ve walked away sometimes with as much as $7000 in an afternoon.

SCV: Where does it happen?

CDB: It’s organized in undisclosed fields. People would bring me to suburban locations, random high school fields.

SCV: Which people?

CDB: I’m not going to tell you that.

Lawless underground fighting
NYC Fight Club: Lawless underground fighting.

SCV: Let me put it another way, who gets involved? Is it kids from a scene, racketeers, wall st guys, who? Who are the players.

CDB: Everyone. People who you see everyday on the streets. It’s strictly by invite.

SCV: How does one get invited?

CDB: Look I can’t tell you that.

SCV: Okay, tell me who have you fought?

CDB: Sons of b*tches, p***ies, the dregs of society. Hell I even fought a dog once.

SCV: Dog?

CDB: Yes a f**king German shepherd.

SCV: What do you use against a dog? A knife, a club?

CDB: No man, my bare hands.

SCV: So what happened?

CDB: I ripped its head apart.

SCV: Okay, let me say I wanted to be a lawless fighter, how would I get involved?

CDB: You couldn’t because you’re obviously a b**ch.

SCV: Okay, but let’s say I’m a b**ch in heat.

NYC Fight Club
Underground lawless fighting. Stock image.

CDB: Look it’s all underground. You’re not going to get invited unless you’ve been vetted.

SCV: Vetted?

CDB: What do you think? You just can’t just have anyone come.

SCV: Okay, I’m curious, how severe have some of the injuries you have sustained?

CDB: As you can see in the photo I’ve had 150 stitches on my face. My cheek was flapping in the wind.

SCV: Who did this to you?

CDB: Some Peurto Rican dude.

SCV: How much money did he win for that fight?

CDB: Probably 5 g.

SCV: What about you did you get anything out of that?

CDB: No, it’s winner takes all.

SCV: How does that work?

CDB: Look, people put money on the fight and depending on whose fighting the money involved can pile up. If you win you get to keep 20 percent.

SCV: So whose putting on these bets?

CDB: Old Russian dudes. People you read about in the press, people who have lots of high exposure, but what do I know. They come down and like to hang.

SCV: They come down to bet on whether your face is going to explode?

CDB: Yes.

SCV: What’s the worst beating you’ve seen? Has there ever been any death? Is there someone who referees this?

CDB: I’ve seen some guys testicles literally pulled off.

SCV: What, did they rush him to hospital? Did the police have to get involved?

CDB: No man. What police, what hospital? I told you this sh*t is all underground. That’s why we can’t have pussies like you turn up.

SCV: So what happened to the guy?

CDB: He was unconscious. He had already lost the fight, and I guess this dude just wanted more. So he went up to him and started ripping at his testicles with his teeth. He was literally gurgling on them with his mouth. I think the guy was some coal mine worker.

SCV: No one tried to stop this?

CDB: Would you try to stop some pissed off Russian gangster?

SCV: But isn’t there someone who acts to referee this?

CDB: There’s usually some guy who separates the fighters, but I guess that day there wasn’t anyone involved to separate the fighters.

SCV: How does the betting begin? How much money can one bet and how much money will you fight for?

CDB: Look, there’s no set amount. Obviously the bigger the name the more money people begin to throw down.

SCV: But is there a bare minimum?

CDB: Look I’ve seen fights for ten dollars and I’ve seen fights that pooled $20 000.

SCV: How come I’ve never heard about all this ‘lawless underground fighting’ before and why are you now telling me about it?

CDB: Look, you’ve probably never heard about a lot of shit. It’s just a bunch of guys getting together and coming out for a good fight. It’s fun.

SCV: Yeah, but it’s also illegal. Aren’t you worried telling me all about this?

CDB:What did I tell you? I told you nothing. I just told you about some Portugese German Shepherd.

SCV: How long has this been going on for?

CDB: I can’t tell you that. Since the beginning of time.

SCV: How long have you been doing this for?

CDB: A while now. Twelve years.

SCV: What’s the most money you have ever won?

CDB: A lot.

SCV: How much is a lot?

CDB: More than $10g. $23 000.

SCV: Are there more people who are into this since you’ve been involved?

CDB: Yeah, I’m starting to see a lot of ingrates, punks who think they can fight.

SCV: Can they?

CDB: Look, people are squeezed for money. I don’t know.

SCV: Do you think this thing has become a bit of a cult?

CDB: I don’t know. There’s just a lot of aggression out there and a lot of punks who are looking out for themselves.

SCV: Is it about ego?

CDB: No, money man, just money.

SCV: What’s the most savage beating you’ve ever inflicted?

CDB: I punched a man through his skull and left him with a permanent hole.

SCV: Don’t you have any moral conflict doing this?

CDB: What morals? Since when do morals do get involved when grown men are fighting for money?

SCV: Yes, but isn’t there a limit? What happens if someone ends up getting killed?

CDB: Look this isn’t shit for pussies. You live and die by the sword. Why do you think there’s so much money involved?

SCV: Is there a camaraderie amongst the fighters. Alliances?

CDB: You don’t want to have an alliance. You can’t trust anyone. It’s every man for himself.

SCV: Aren’t you worried that some disgruntled fighter might come after you?

CDB: It would never happen.

SCV: Why?

CDB: Cause what happens there stays there. If it goes beyond there there will be consequences.

SCV: What type of consequences?

CDB: That’s off the record.

SCV: When’s the next fight going to happen?

CDB: I don’t know.

SCV: Is there a set meeting, a set schedule?

CDB: You just get the call that day. It’s up to you if you want to participate.

SCV: Who makes these calls?

CDB: Once again I don’t know what you’re talking about.

SCV: Okay once again, so why have you agreed to this interview?

CDB: Maybe I want to see what’ll happen. Get a bit of publicity for myself.

SCV: Why are you looking for a reality show or something?

CDB: I don’t know. If there’s money in it.

SCV: What do you do when you are not fighting?

CDB: You know just hang, watch TV. Meet girls.

SCV: Do you ever bring girls with you to these bouts?

CDB: Well it’s not really the type of place for a girl to hang and anyway what would be the point?

SCV: Do people know your real identity when you get there. Is there a system for screening people?

CDB: I couldn’t speculate.

SCV: Do you let people know you’re real name?

CDB: Are you f**king crazy?

SCV: When do you say enough is enough?

CDB: Until the money runs out.

SCV: Not a savage beating?

CDB: Hey, it’s dog eat out there.

SCV: Cyrano de Bulgerac thank you.

CDB: Whatever…