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Mangas and casino games: How does that fit together?

manga gambling
Manga gambling: The evolution of casino games and Japanese iconography.
manga gambling
Manga gambling: The evolution of casino games and Japanese iconography.

Manga gambling: How the evolution of whimsical Japanese imagery coincided with the development of adventure filled casino games development. 

Are you a punter who loves manga comics? If your answer is yes, then you will agree that manga involving gambling is extremely fun reading. There are many manga series that is based on the art of gambling and they are very popular. In this article, we have covered the best betting relating manga series in the industry. Some of the mangas are classic, while others are quite new in the industry, but they all have one thing in common: unique characters, who are brilliant gamblers, an amazing plot, and finally the art of gambling involved.

Understanding Manga.

The word manga means whimsical pictures. It is a comic or graphic novel that was originally created in Japan in the late 19th century. They were formerly printed in black and white, but full colored manga now are available. In Japan, the term is restricted to mean comics, cartooning, and animation, while outside Japan manga means comic only. Mangas have grown to become very popular around the world and more especially in Japan, where it enjoys the following of people of all ages.

The various topics in these series include adventures, business and commerce, comedies, dramas, historical, science fiction and fantasy, sports, gambling, romance, and many others. When these series are released and gain huge popularity, they are animated or used to inspire live-action movies. Additionally, various software developers have taken advantage of this popularity to deliver exciting slot games filled with aesthetical pleasing themes and mouth-watering progressive jackpots.

The best Manga Casino Games.

Among all the fun of online games, some of their top offerings include the numerous great manga themed slots that will have you win huge in classic Japanese style. There is no limit to casino manga and anime games anywhere you go. This style has indeed proved to be a huge hit, even outside of its native home, to overseas countries and beyond. It is, therefore, no surprise that the best casinos include manga games amongst their wide range of slots.

If you are a comic fan, or you are keen on discovering a stunning online slot, below are opportunities for you to do so.

Manga gambling
Manga gambling: Koi Princess Casino Game

• Koi Princess Casino Game. This is one of the best manga games you will ever find. It is an online slot game from NetEnt. This game comes with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which are filled with Japanese artifacts icons including the Bonus dragon, Wild waves, and Koi princess herself, who would be standing next to your slot as you are busy playing. The Koi Princess scatter and wild symbol helps to give your payroll a huge boost, while many random features help in creating more exciting ways to win. An example of this is the bonus activation feature, which enables a player to earn up to 10 free spins.

Ghost in the Shell. This is actually among the best online slot games or online pokies. It goes ahead to provide a fantastic gaming format. It encompasses 5 reels and boasts of a classic progressive jackpot. Real money players will see their winning chances increasing massively. Fans of this original series will be very surprised by its theme, which is unlike the more recent silver screen adaptations. The 5 reels, 9 pay line designs are designed in the original character and style of the series. Free spins and bonus game features ensure that punters enjoy new ways to win with amazing manga offerings.

• Sakara fortune. With free spins available, wild symbols along with the high winning chances, Sakara Fortune is a manga game that will offer smooth sailing into winning big. This game is offered by Microgaming and is cute and colorful, set in a temple full of riches, with 5 reels being framed in gold. There are chances of earning up to 14 free spins and multipliers which can increase your winning chances up to 5 times. Play it now and see what goodies you could possibly walk away with.

Matsuri. This sparkling slot game will transform you from your screen to a beautiful oriental scene of a summer wedding.it is a great slot game, developed by Play n Go, with great features to ensure there is quality and a good style. The symbols here include Geishas, Chinese Lanterns, Golden Lions, and Bowls of Rice. If you enjoy bonus games, then get three mask symbols to earn up to 20 free spins on this great manga casino game.

• Demolition Squad. It is time to move things a notch higher with this action-filled Demolition Squad slot game. It enables you to smash your way across the 5 reels alongside a colorful bunch of characters. With 4 rows, there are plenty of chances to win across pay lines and additional features help drill down into even bigger payouts. For example, when you are lucky to see three or more Biohazard Scatter symbols land on the reels, then you can earn yourself free spins with a generous prize multiplier.

• The liar game. This game is about a schoolgirl who received a parcel with 1 million in cash and an invitation letter to The Liar Game tournament. In the tournament, players have to put their morals aside and lie in order for them to win.

Each truth they tell makes them fall into deep debts. Nao Kanzaki, the schoolgirl, decides to make a deal with Shinichi Akiyama, who is a genius con artist to work with her. They avoid letting the madness of the game get into their heads and decide to break down the evil tournament and free its players from their debts. This series was originally written and illustrated by Shinobu Kaitani and was published in 2005. The aim of the game is to obtain other players’ money, with the losers having to pay a debt which is proportional to the loss.

Gamble Fish Manga gambling
Gamble Fish Manga gambling

• Gamble Fish. This series is written y Aoyama Hiromi and was illustrated by Yamane Kazutoshi. The plot is set at the Shishidou Academy, which is attended by both the rich and elite folks. A strange new transfer takes Tom Shirasagi to the school, coming from a public school. He gets snubbed by other students due to his poor background, but this does not go for long. Tom is a mad gambler and soon declares a challenge towards any student through a series of betting matches, claiming he can bring down the whole school. His motivations are a mystery for the students. As the plot unfolds, a darker side of the academy comes to light and more about Tom gets to be revealed, leading into unpredictable outcomes.

Final thoughts.

This is our list of popular mangas that found their way into casino gaming. These mangas all have appealing plots, inspiring characters, and super exciting development of the plot. What is more, gaming is a strong focus in all of them and we like the way the characters handle gambling.

Both Anime and Manga are such a massive market and are no longer confined in pages of a book or a story on TVs. Merchandise, collectibles and video games all have their share of the pie, and manga casino games have become a big hit too. They are particularly prominent on the slot reels, and manga casino games bring new depth to a gaming world that is brimming with hopes and possibilities for every gambler.