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Kenosha police shooting: Wisconsin black man shot 7 times getting into car

Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin police shooting
Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed black man.
Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin police shooting
Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed black man.

Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed black man. Father of 3 had gone to break up domestic dispute only to be shot by police officers as protests now swell.

Disconcert has come to the fore after captured video showed Kenosha police shooting an un-armed black man at close range into the man’s back as he sought to enter a parked vehicle outside a Wisconsin residence, Sunday late afternoon. 

Jacob Blake, 29, was identified as the black man allegedly being shot up to seven times at close range as he opened a car door. Immediate reports told of the man surviving and taken to an intensive care unit.

Police had been called to a domestic incident in the 2800 block of 40th Street and 28th Avenue at 5:11 p.m. where the shooting later occurred.

Officers provided immediate aid to the shooting victim, who was taken by Flight for Life to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Kenosha police reported. The shooting is reported to have taken place in front of the man’s three young sons who were in the car according to a tweet by civil rights lawyer, Ben Crump

The man was in serious condition at Froedtert. Social media has since identified Officer Luke Reitruoc as one of the involved police officers (some commentators said the officer’s surname was spelt backwards- Officer Luke Courtier). Police did not confirm the officer’s involvement and social media has since questioned whether the officer was involved – while posts began appearing early Monday purportedly confirming Officer Rusten Sheskey as one of the two Kenora Dept. Police officers also involved.

Officer Luke Reitruoc Kenosha Police Dept
Pictured, Officer Luke Reitruoc Kenosha Police Dept accused of shooting Jacob Blake Wisconsin black man dead. Police have not confirmed the officers involved identifies.

Shot dead for trying to break up a fight between two women

‘Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight,’ Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said in a statement. ‘While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.’

The Kenosha News reported that neighbors said Blake was trying to break up a fight between two women. KARE-11 News Minneapolis, interviewed a male witness who told reporters that Blake, was not armed, and in no way aggressive, but was trying to help out with the arguing women. At the time of his contact with the police, he was attempting to return to his SUV for his child or children according to the witness. Bystanders said he was Tased and then shot several times.

A video circulating on social media as first posted by Telicia Phillip shows a man in a white shirt and black shorts walking to a gray van, followed by two male police officers with weapons drawn. The video does not show what happened before the man walked away from the officers, nor what was said, if anything.

As the man opens the door to get in, an officer grabs his shirt to hold him still, then appears to shoot him in the back at close range. Seven shots are heard, followed by a car horn, presumably from the man’s head falling forward. A woman who followed behind the police can be seen screaming and jumping up and down.

Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin
Jacob Blake Kenosha Wisconsin man with his 3 sons. Image via social media.

Protests break out following shooting

Kenosha police requested Wisconsin State Patrol and Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies come to the scene because the shooting involved an officer. 

Since the shooting took place, protests have broken out in the city. “It goes back to the Emmett Tills. We’re tired of it. Rodney King. We’re tired of it. And right now, this is the wrong generation that this is happening to. The frustration is boiling to the top and we’re sick and tired,” Clyde McLemoreBlack Lives Matter of Lake County, Illinois; said to CBS 58.

Large crowds soon gathered at the scene of the shooting. A livestream from podcaster Koerri Elijah showed small fires in the street and a person, possibly an officer, lying prone on the ground, surrounded by officers.

Demands to have involved officers arrested & charged

Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, announced that they will be investigating the shooting, and that the Kenosha department is stepping completely away from the matter, as of Sunday night.

In a statement early Monday, Wisconsin DOJ said the officers involved in the shooting had been placed on administrative leave with an investigation now launched.

The crowds began moving away from the scene, and the video showed people walking down the sidewalk and street, some on bicycles with some vehicles accompanying them, occasionally chanting. The video showed people kicking at police vehicles and later it appeared some fireworks being set off. 

‘Things have been very heated, tons of damage to cop cars, an officer was actually knocked out,’ the person taking video said.

A crowd of about 100 had reached the Kenosha County Public Safety Building by 10:15 p.m. and were chanting ‘no justice, no peace.’

Residents of Kenosha are now calling for the firing of the cops who pulled the trigger on Blake for what appeared to be no just reason. People also want them to be arrested and charged.

The identifies of the police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake have not been revealed.