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Silicon Valley’s Thryve is Disrupting One Size Fits All Probiotics With DNA Testing And Personalization

Thryve Custom Probiotics
Thryve Custom Probiotics revamping overall gut health. Stock image.
Thryve Custom Probiotics
Thryve Custom Probiotics revamping overall gut health. Stock image.

How Thryve Custom Probiotics is offering cutting edge gut DNA testing and individual personalization in the servicing of gut health. 

While the world has grown more aware of the benefits of improving their gut microbiome, the jury is still out on probiotics. After all, countless accounts state that most probiotic products are virtually useless. Probiotic supplements aren’t the same as popping a Vitamin C gummy in the morning. There are thousands of bacteria strains out there, and your gut might not need what generic probiotics are giving you. That’s why Silicon Valley’s Thryve is changing the game of probiotics with DNA testing to improve your overall health.

What Are Probiotics?

Let’s give you a little background as to why probiotics have become such a hot topic in wellness. Our gut houses trillions of microbes spanning thousands of species. 

They all work together to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, these microscopic beings also keep other species in check.

As we age and regularly adopt a poor dietary plan, our gut becomes prone to chronic inflammation. Inflammation destroys our gut lining, probiotic bacteria, and immune health. In turn, we become susceptible to attacks from viruses and harmful bacteria.  

Probiotic bacteria help keep these bugs out of the system. These good bacteria also help us absorb nutrients, break down food, and create immune system cells

So, taking a probiotic supplement is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter probiotics don’t give people the results they need.

The Problem with Generic Probiotics

Probiotics are living beings. They consume the food we eat, and our body uses their waste as nutrition for our cells. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

When you purchase probiotic supplements, the cultures in the supplement need to be alive. That’s hard to achieve when they’re sitting on a bottle in a brightly-lit grocery store on a hot, summer day. 

Then, these probiotics need to bypass your stomach acids and actually colonize in your gut microbiome. That’s a lot of work for some half-dead microbes. 

Lastly, your body might not even need the strains in the generic formula. So, you’re just pouring gasoline on a fire! 

That’s why Thryve is changing the probiotics game by personalizing your wellness plan to meet your specific needs. The Thryve Gut Health Test uses your DNA to provide you with a custom probiotic recommendation.

How Thryve Is Using Your DNA To Improve Your Health

There are thousands of bacterial species living in your gut. Even the most beneficial probiotic bacteria can become too abundant. Inevitably, an overgrowth of them can also cause digestive problems. 

Thryve Custom Probiotics
Thryve Custom Probiotics

So, Thryve takes the guesswork out of microbiome health by diving in deep. Your stool is in close proximity to the bacteria in your gut. It contains many metabolites and DNA that are indicators of what is living in your system. Thryve Gut DNA Testing uses this information to determine the source of your abdominal pain, mood problems, and skin issues.

Proprietary Bacteria Preservation 

The Thryve Gut Test Kit has everything you need to collect a sample from your toilet paper. Place your sample into the vial with preservative liquid provided. You’ll know your DNA is integrated when the liquid changes color. This breakthrough technology is a first of its kind in microbiome testing and ensures that the scientists at Thryve’s lab have DNA to explore. 

Their proprietary preservative liquid goes to great lengths to maintain the integrity of your DNA. The blend of chemicals can keep microbes alive up to 21 days of incubation at room temperature.

No other microbiome company uses this unique mixture. So, they can’t provide the precision-point accuracy that Thryve can.

Cutting-Edge DNA Technology 

Next, mail the vial with the self-addressed envelope provided in the kit. Once the sample arrives at their laboratory, the specialists at Thryve use state-of-the-art technology to extract your DNA. 

Their team implements magnetic-bead based DNA extraction. This state-of-the-art method uses a mixture of mechanical and enzymatic protocols to break down bacterial cells. Therefore, they can perform DNA sequencing to determine the ratios of bacteria in your gut.

Within 1-2 weeks of receiving your sample, Thryve will provide you in-depth insights about your unique gut microbiome. 

What Do I Learn With a Thryve Gut Health Kit?

The Thryve Gut Health Kit tells you the percentage ratios of bacteria species in your gut. These percentages let us know which bacteria need to be scaled back and which species you need to amp up.

Much like you and I, bacteria species have specific dietary preferences. Their database contains over 35,000 scientific journals. They’ve compiled an impressive list of foods to avoid based on specific bacterial overgrowths. 

Furthermore, they also know which foods that the probiotics you’re trying to grow prefer. So, they offer you a comprehensive list of ingredients you should add to your menu plan. Speaking of, each food item comes with a database of recipes. This seamless integration helps you get your gut health back on track. 

Go Premium with Thryve 

Your gut is the key to so many health insights. That’s why Thryve offers an additional tier to their gut health program. Their Premium section uses your bacteria ratios to give context to some of your wellness goals and health concerns. 

Insights included in the Thryve Premium Gut Health Program include:

  • Inflammation Index – Checks Levels of Short-Chain Fatty Acids That Fights Inflammation
  • Nutrition Absorption – Grades How Well You Metabolize Fats, Carbs, and Protein
  • Food Tolerance – Analyzes Sensitives to Gluten, Lactose, and Artificial Sweeteners
  • Imbalance – Weighs Probability of IBS, IBD, Constipation, Obesity, and More
  • Sleep Hormones – Help Support Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Cardiovascular Health – Scores Your Overall Heart Health
  • Intestinal Permeability – Estimates How Prone Your Gut Is to SIBO and Leaky Gut

With Thryve, you are given hard data and actionable plans. They don’t just give you food recommendations to help you grow beneficial bacteria. They also supply you with the probiotics you need. 

Thryve Custom Probiotics 

Thryve is eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach to probiotics. With the hard data on your gut health, they can offer you a probiotic tailor-made to fit your specific wellness needs. 

Subscription-Based Personal Probiotics 

Thryve Custom Probiotics

In the Thryve Gut Health Program dashboard, you can opt into a custom probiotic subscription. Each month, your probiotics get delivered to your door. In the summer, they’re even shipped on ice to ensure their efficacy. 

Their proprietary blends are made from 24 different probiotic strains. These beneficial bacteria are hand-picked to formulate a supplement based on your DNA.

Improved Absorption 

Thryve takes colonization of probiotics into consideration. Their live cultures are encapsulated with inulin. Inulin is a dietary fiber that healthy probiotics use for food. Thanks to their custom formula, these cultures are actually alive and replicating before you take them. 

Plus, Thryve uses a proprietary vegetarian casing that improves probiotic survival. Their capsules bypass stomach acids, allowing the probiotics to colonize. Thryve probiotics have 30% better absorption than generic probiotics.

Better Health Results 

Since the probiotics are encased with inulin, they must create waste. After all, they are alive. Their waste comes in the form of short-chain fatty acids. 

Short-chain fatty acids are like energetic currency for our gut cells. Therefore, the waste from probiotic bacteria helps repair our stomach lining. Since the probiotics in Thryve are already being fed, the short-chain fatty acids are ready to get to work on healing your gut.

Want to learn more about Thryve and how they’re changing the game? Get your gut health in check with Thryve.