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St Petersburg mother & daughter missing: foul play?

Angela and Alexis Jolley
Pictured, Angela and Alexis Jolley missing St Petersburg, Florida mother and daughter.
Angela and Alexis Jolley
Pictured, Angela and Alexis Jolley missing St Petersburg, Florida mother and daughter.

Angela and Alexis Jolley missing St Petersburg, Florida mother and daughter remain unaccounted for 5 days since last being seen as search for their whereabouts intensifies. 

Still no sign. Are they still alive? A St Petersburg, Florida community is bracing for the worse after a mother and daughter who were last seen late Wednesday evening at their home remain missing, five days later.

Family and friends say the disappearance is highly unusual for Angela and Alexis Jolley who normally keep frequent tabs of their movements. Their two dogs are also missing reports baynews9.com.

Police say Alexis did not show up for work the next day and both mother & daughter cell phones were found inside the house. Both Angela, 43 and Alexis, 19, who have jobs, have not turned up to work since seemingly vanishing Wednesday night. 

Investigators believe the women could be in Angela’s 2018 black Toyota Camry with license plate number Y33DGE.

To date a search of the family’s residence turned up no evidence of foul play. Nothing was out of place and no signs of a struggle were observed at the family home which the two women share with Angela’s stepfather.


‘I don’t know what happened?’

‘I don’t think it’s possible that no one has any information. Somebody has to have seen something, heard something. Seen the dogs, seen the car,’ Alexis’ half sister Desiree Cook told the media outlet. 

Angela’s cousin Stacey Tash, who lives in Maine, said she talked with Angela on the phone last Tuesday, when they discussed an upcoming trip at length. Both Angela, 43 & Alexis, 19 had discussed heading north via plane.

‘I don’t know what happened,’ Tash said. ‘I’m praying that their car just broke down or, I don’t know, that they’re found soon and they’re fine. I can’t explain it.’

‘It’s very, very odd,’ Cook added. ‘They were going for two weeks to visit with Angela’s family there, to potentially move there.’

Were supposed to travel to Maine

Family and friends gathered at Raymond Neri Community Park, where Angela and Alexis would typically walk their dogs to in the evenings, on Sunday to help search for the pair. 

Family friend Craig Horton just saw them last weekend. 

‘Last communication we had with her was Wednesday cause she was texting my wife, cause we were supposed to keep one of the dogs while they went to Maine. They were supposed to go to Maine on Tuesday,’ Horton said. ‘We were there when Lexi was born. We’ve seen her grow up. We’re just family, we did things together,’ he added. 

As they search through the park, surrounding neighbors, and retention ponds, their loved ones just want a sign that the two are okay. 

‘Oh my goodness. We need prayers and we need a miracle. And we just gotta be positive.’

Of note the mother’s vehicle has not been located.

Anyone with information is asked to call the St. Pete Police Department at 727-893-7780 or text the info and key word SPPD to 847-411.